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When I lived in South Korea, the first thing I had my Korean friend write down in Hangul ( written in the Korean Alphabet  ) was " this person is allergic to chilli. " I later found out that he actually wrote " Don't let this woman eat chilli. It makes her lips fat and she will look very ugly and drive your customers away. " 

I always wondered why they looked at me strangely and almost sympathetically when I presented the staff with my note. 

When I found out what he wrote, he said to me " Miss Shaydee, you wrote about how it affected you. They don't care. I made it tell them how it would affect their business. "


And he was right. 

People these days don't care about how something affects you. Only how it could impact upon them.

 This brings me to the point of the article. 

Why are people so worried about Gay Rights, Trans Rights, Climate Change and the myriad of other so called Rights that impact on their ability to live, earn a living and survive the horror of modern living? Why? When they are seemingly uncaring about the impact it will have on them and their way of life?


Throughout the modern western world, we are worried about a lady getting fat lips .... does that mean that we should stop serving chilli in our restaurants? 

Someone is offended because we eat meat  - so no more meat?

Another person gets upset because we use a gas cooker so let's ban gas? 

Another identifies as a baby when he or she or zi is 56 years old and is a transgender male wearing a nappy and wants to shit his pants so we race off to provide him with nappies? 





I also saw a photograph of a school lunch box for a 13 year old heterosexual male boy who plays sport and runs and is generally a rather nice young chap. 

His lunch box was " balanced. " It was an " appropriate " lunchbox for a young man. 

Bloody hell, it contained fruit and olives and something that might have been a wheat flour based concoction of debatable value. 

What is wrong with people today? 

not the actual lunch box


This growing lad needs carbohydrates to fuel his growing body and the demands he places on it through sport and physical activity. His lunchbox provides a pretty picture for Instagram but I doubt it provides him with something sufficient to fuel him through a long day.

The Nanny State has taken over his lunch box. The Nanny State has taken over his health by bribing him with pizza to take a shot of an untrialled dangerous vaccine. Can anyone see the irony in that? It's OK to bribe a kid with pizza but don't put it in his lunchbox?

Seriously, what is wrong with us as a society? 

There is NOTHING wrong with a salad roll full of tomatoes, ham, lettuce, grated carrot and cucumber. NOTHING. There is nothing wrong with a custard slice or a cream cake or a slice of banana cake and a loving hug from Mum in the form of a homemade biscuit.



We are teaching our children to feel guilty for craving bread, cake and old fashioned " stomach fillers " like weetbix or porridge. Hot milky horlicks or ovaltine or cocoa. 

Teaching them to feel guilty for wanting to enjoy an ice cream or a bottle of non-alcoholic Bundaberg ginger beer ( because it is called ginger BEER. ).

Hell, I remember brewing ginger beer and loving the taste of something that hadn't exploded 


 You know what I think? I think that they are so sick and tired of being told what to do, what to think, how to act and how to react that they are going mad, 

They have no rules, except those imposed upon them by overbearing governments and overbearing parents. They have not been allowed to learn from their mistakes. And no consequences ensue from their mistakes or their government and parental foolishness, 

Their lives have been controlled, dictated to and obsessed over. They have not been allowed to be kids. They haven't been left alone to fall off a bike, fall out of a tree or land on their arse after an abortive decision to wear a cape and see if Superman could really fly.


And no, we can't fly. Much like moronic politicians tell kids that they can go to university and get a degree in gender fluidity and their careers will fly. Nah, not going to happen. 

Hell, they haven't even been allowed to find out if they are allergic to chilli and if it makes their lips swell.

They just cut out the middle man and go straight to the plastic surgeon and wonder why, in years to come, they will wish that they had a chance to taste the chilli and realise it wasn't something for them.

Children are children for such a short time. But childhood is the most important part of our lives. 

Let their lips swell, let them get bruised, Let them fall out of trees and fall off their bikes. 

Let our kids be kids and stop wrapping them in cotton wool. You never know. They may turn out to be the responsible adults that you failed to be. 

Because, the way we are going, the world will soon run out of cotton wool, and boy, are they in for a fall. 

signed a Boomer. 

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