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It has been four decades since a successful Referendum, and they will do everything they can to enshrine The Voice in our Constitution to advance their UN Agenda 2030.

The coming Voice Referendum will be promoted with a stupendous campaign of government-sanctioned propaganda. ‘YES’ will be programmed as the only right and moral choice. Our taxpayer-dollars will fund this relentless assault against our democratic vote. It was never intended to be our choice, especially when the choice has already been chosen. Truth will be inverted, and facts fractured, as all media discourse will flush and saturate the bewildered public-mind with elaborate deception. Even if the freewill consensus of the Australian people is ultimately a ‘NO,’ it must be a ‘YES.’ Albanese must be successful; The Voice must succeed. Only an overwhelming awareness of the true hidden agenda will counter this eventuality. It is a war, after all, and they intend to wage it against a misinformed people. To the victor go the spoils (and our land), and woe be the vanquished. Australians must be victorious. We must be prepared to parry the Lie, and assemble vast legions beneath the banner of Truth.

It is early days yet (The Voice Referendum is due to take place sometime between October-December), but the apparatus for manufacturing the illusion of mass-consent and acceptance is rapidly being assembled. The Federal budget 2023 has allocated $360 million for this very task. Since Federation, only 8 of the 44 proposals for constitutional change have been approved. The last successful referendum was in 1977, and the likelihood of Australians actually voting ‘YES’ to such a deliberately vague, and glaringly suspicious Referendum question is astronomically unlikely. Thus, the Government is tasked with not only making it likely, but making it inevitable.

The volume of Legacy Media will be turned up, as Social Media platforms in partnership with our Federal Government will mute all dissenting conversations. The exact same PsyOp tactics of “Safe and Effective” that egregiously foisted an unsafe and ineffective experimental vaccine on a tyrannised public, will again be aggressively pursued.

The ‘YES Campaign’ intends on controlling the narrative, propagating deception and shaming and censoring all genuine criticism. They will slander, and hysterically label all those of the ‘NO’ persuasion as ‘Nazis,’ ‘Racist,’ ‘Qanon,’ ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ and ‘White Supremacists.’ They will not offer any factual rebuttal to the evidence, but will reflexively base the extent of their “rightness” upon comically baseless claims of ‘baseless claim.’

 Dishearteningly, the official ‘NO Campaign’ deliberately deflects from the real agenda, and offers endless permutations of ‘racism and division.’ Such considerations are valid, but they are insignificant in contrast to the true agenda — the forfeiture of all Australian private land titles to Transnational Globalists and their integrated Corporatocracy. The evidence is there, but they choose to ignore it. It may be surmised that both official ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ campaigns are truly pursuing the same nefarious outcome.


  1. Australian Electoral Commission’s Disinformation Register

  2. Prematurely announcing that the Referendum results may not be known on voting day (a replay of the blatant Biden 2020 steal)

  3. Government calls for Social Media to ‘stamp out’ misinformation and hate speech

  4. RMIT University’s FactLab joins with CrossCheck to control the narrative

  5. ‘Vote ‘NO’ and you wont get a Welcome to Country again’

  6. The farce of the Referendum Machinery Act — to “prevent” foreign influence

  7. The direct support of the foreign interference — Pfizer (and the Transnational Corporatocracy) publicly pledge support for The Voice

  8. Fake Polls

  9. Major sporting codes endorse ‘The Voice’ as AFL, NRL, Rugby Australia, Netball Australia, Football Australia, Cricket Australia and Tennis Australia all align to pledge their support

  10. The ever-virtuous Leftist media and their hysterical “hit pieces.”

1. Australian Electoral Commission’s Disinformation Register

On April 12, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) announced that it would be launching ‘a campaign to combat misinformation and confusion.’ The press-release detailed how the AEC would be ‘proactive online, and use a variety of other media to help inform voters about the upcoming referendum.’


A dedicated ‘Disinformation Register’ would also be established to collate, and present ‘prominent pieces of disinformation the AEC has discovered,’ detailing the ‘actions the AEC has taken in response.’

However, it would not be ‘responsible for fact-checking claims about the YES or NO case,’ or seeking ‘to censor debate in any way.’

The scope of the AEC’s concern was to essentially educate Australians on the referendum process, dispel and counter any 'online disinformation' regarding how the referendum would be conducted, and to evidently reassure the Australian public that the overall result will have been obtained with absolute integrity.

This is all part of the psychological priming necessary for "the fix."

Tellingly, one of the ‘prominent pieces of disinformation’ listed on the Disinformation Register is the alleged Social Media claim that ‘The Referendum will be ‘rigged’. Such a claim was “fact-checked” and triumphantly declared by the AEC as ‘disinformation.’ Indeed, the AEC offered that it could not possibly be rigged as ‘referendums are ‘run using the same infrastructure as Federal Elections.’

Thus, it will be rigged.

The AEC is ‘an independent statutory authority established by the Australian Government.’ It has undoubtedly been infiltrated, and will act in accord with advancing the agenda of the Transnational Corporatocracy, much like our own utterly compromised Federal and State Governments.

A parallel is observable in the actions of the “independent” Australian Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) that approved the heart-stopping mRNA vaccines and later claimed that it ‘did not know about the heightened risk of myocarditis from these vaccines until five months after they were approved.’

 ATAGI knew. Our government knew (researchers knew at least five months before the Australian ATAGI approval after observing the disastrous Pfizer experiment in Israel.) ATAGI merely implemented the orders commanded by the Pharmaceutical branch of the Corporatocracy.

The whole Voice Referendum is essentially a rigged referendum that will be used to give public legitimacy to a predetermined ‘YES’. Any collective ‘YES’ vote, will surely be a rigged vote, and the co-opted AEC will endeavour to convincingly provide the anticipated result demanded by their shadowy masters.

Only an informed public can prevent this outcome.

2. Prematurely announcing that the Referendum results may not be known on voting day (a replay of the blatant Biden 2020 steal)

On April, 27, the AEC commissioner, Tom Rogers, announced that ‘the result of the Indigenous Voice Referendum may not be known on voting day, or for some time afterwards, with the electoral commissioner warning that people “may be disappointed” if they expect a definitive answer on the night.



How convenient.

Just as incumbent Donald Trump definitively won The White House on election night …then, just as surely, a week later, was ousted by the most brazen, transparent and clumsy voter fraud operation in history.

The ‘may not be known on voting day’ messaging is a pre-seeding of the intent to potentially rig the result. This is the exact same US playbook that was inculcated into the public by the media prior to the US Presidential 2020 Election. The Deep State-driven media apparatus was entrusted to preprogram the notion that the result of the election ‘might not be known on the night, or for sometime.’ This was required to foreshadow, prime, and ultimately legitimise “the Biden fix.”

The AEC declaration that ‘results might not be known on voting day’ is undeniably suspect, and ominous.


3. Government calls for Social Media to ‘stamp out’ misinformation and hate speech

On March 29, the ‘Australian Government and eSafety commissioner urged Social Media giants to stamp out misinformation and hate speech during the Indigenous Voice Campaign’
The target ‘misinformation and hate speech’ tends to be the truth and the facts.

In effect, they are requesting that Facebook, Google, TicTok and Youtube (the blue bird has been uncaged by Musk) implement the exact same authoritarian tactics that were used to stifle all online vaccine debate, and to strategically market a pharmaceutical product as indisputably "safe and effective."Alas, in the aftermath of such ‘narrative control,’ the clotted corpses of the young-and-old are now Jenga-stacked in morgues worldwide. The truth was forsaken, as the Pharma Cartels got away with injecting genocide.

The eSafety commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, further expressed, "This is a historic opportunity and we need to make sure online spaces are relatively safer spaces to be able to get this information out."

 The Lie must be artfully peddled. Moreover, Grant continues, "Misinformation and disinformation are going to be a big issue..." that must be fact-checked by censoring, shadow-banning, account restricting and de-platforming any, and all material that exposes the truth about The Voice. Only Government-blessed untruths are acceptable, and only 'YES' is virtuous and acceptable — and any cogent argument that exposes the undergirding facts of the UN 2030 land-grab is "hate speech," and "conspiracy theory," and forbidden.

4. RMIT University’s FactLab joins with CrossCheck to control the narrative


On October 13, a merger of RMIT’s FactLab and CrossCheck was initiated. The ABC regularly references FactLab as the definitive “authority” on contentious subjects. Such “fact-checking” organisations are merely an official means to gate-keep, as they attempt to herd and corral public thought into desired pens; establish a uniformity of opinion; and aggressively assert dominance over “the narrative.” They do this in service to their funders, and the message that has been funded.

Such official “facts” are undeniably weapons against critical thought and the objective truth.

Universities are essential for social programming, and Monash University, (and others) are also actively instilling their “narrative ideology” into the public domain.

All official “fact-checkers” actively and routinely suppress truth, and advance false narratives and preposterous fictions as indisputably “true.” Such “truth” is ideologically driven, often laced with progressive-left poison — and like the destructive COVID Vaccine scam, has undoubtedly been funded by the invested parties determined to program general acquiescence, and to achieve universal submission to the Big Lie. 


Marcia Langton is one of the five phoney aboriginals facilitating the surreptitious UN Agenda 2030 theft of Australia. She recently threatened the end of a ‘Welcome to Country’ if Australia votes ‘NO.’ Josephine Cashman, the Indigenous whistleblower and former Indigenous Advisory Board member under PM Tony Abbot, has exposed that the Howard-era ‘Welcome to Country’ is basically a UN-inspired device to disenfranchise the Australian people from their own country, and to disconnect Australians from their land and nation.

 It is effectively a means of pre-programming the idea that Australians are merely guests on their own land, foreigners, and thus susceptible to the whims of the ‘true custodians’ that may wish them evicted — the Transnational Globalists.

Indeed, Langton is correct. If The Voice Referendum fails, the need for the absurdly hokum, cultist, and needlessly repetitive insertions of ‘Welcome to Country’ brainwashing has expired. The ‘Welcome to Country’ was created as a precursory means to prepare the public mind (especially businesses and their employees) to accept The Voice, endorse the procedure of Voice, Treaty, Truth, and to feebly capitulate to the eventual stripping of their private land rights.

6. The farce of the Referendum Machinery Act — to “prevent” foreign influence

The whole premise for ‘The Indigenous Voice to Parliament’ is a United Nations Transnational Corporatocracy project. It has all been meticulously engineered and influenced by ‘foreign individuals, companies and governments.’ Any suggestion that a Referendum Machinery Act will truly ban ‘them from donating and campaigning for either side’ is absurd. They are in the business of doing business, and this is their business, after all.

Tellingly, the ‘proposed reforms to the Referendum Machinery Act will also include donation disclosure rules, and public funding for campaigns to mitigate misinformation around the voice and referendum process.’

 Any such ‘mitigation of misinformation’ is truly an amplification of the Lie. Basically, the public will pay to have the required untruths scraped and carved endlessly across their frontal lobes.

7. The direct support of the foreign interference - Pfizer (and the Transnational Corporatocracy) publicly pledge support for The Voice

On May 11, Pfizer Australia was the first corporate entity to pledge support for the Uluru Statement and an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Pfizer is the Transnational Corporatocracy. The Transnational Corporatocracy are the UN-inspired Globalists behind The Voice advancing Agenda 2030 as a means of stealing our land. Again, this is their business, and they absolutely mean business.

8. Fake Polls

On April 30, it was announced that a poll of 15,060 Australians had determined that the ‘YES’ campaign was ahead in every state and territory.

 The legitimacy of such polls are always spurious, especially when they are funded by a government that desires to achieve a certain result. The publication of such polls are intended to influence the non-discerning public, and to establish a sense of ‘how to think’ and ‘how to vote’ according to the perceived “choice” of the alleged “majority.”

They are pure propaganda.

9. Major sporting codes endorse ‘The Voice’ as AFL, NRL, Rugby Australia, Netball Australia, Football Australia, Cricket Australia and Tennis Australia all align to pledge their support

Spectator sports have always provided the “circus” required by the ruling Elite to distract, diminish and control the minds of the population.

On February 28, it was announced that, ‘The AFL, NRL, Rugby Australia, Netball Australia, Football Australia, Cricket Australia and Tennis Australia – seven of the most powerful Australian sporting leagues – are working on a co-ordinated campaign they hope will launch mid-year.’

Indeed, stadium sport is extremely useful to the Corporatocracy. They have fostered a cultural obsession with sport, combined with alcohol consumption, and have effectively enfeebled and disarmed countless adult minds. Thus, engaging hundreds-of-thousands, if not many millions of sports fanatics across the various codes, and subjecting them to incessant propaganda to influence their ‘YES’ vote — is a strategic attempt to manufacture mass-consent. They love their sport, and the government hopes that their devout allegiance to their teams ‘in those feel good moments’ will translate to a feel good ‘YES.’

10. The ever-virtuous Leftist media and their hysterical “hit pieces.”

On May 11, the hack journalist, Cam Wilson, published a Crikey piece, ‘Conspiracy theories and hate speech about Voice to Parliament spread widely online.’

Wilson is an odiously smug personality. Arrogant, but ignorantly ignorant like his Dunning Kruger ilk, he is the epitome of the perfectly programmed useful idiot.

 The entire piece could have been written by ChatGPT. His writing is vacuous, bereft of fact, but saturated in unsubstantiated slander (he ridiculously refers to Indigenous Josephine Cashman, as ‘QAnon’) with the typical progressive-left tendency to reduce their “arguments” to a cliche category of meaningless insults: ‘Conspiracy theories,’ ‘far-right,’ ‘neo-Nazis,’ ‘QAnon,’ ‘anti-Semitic,’ ‘racist.’ Wilson is right because he says so; the Left is right because they all say so. There are no objective facts, only fragile feelings.

Interestingly, although Wilson directly references my ‘viral Substack’ pieces on The Voice, he avoids directing his readership to the source of his vexation — indeed, exposure to the truth might just stimulate dormant cognition. This has been the first of the hysterical “hit pieces,” as it seems that the Left are presently caught on the back-foot. They will undoubtedly pivot, and step up their attacks in the coming months to stamp out the truth with jack-boots tightly-laced with their virtue.


WHAT MUST BE DONE: Assemble Vast legions Beneath The Banner of Truth


The truth is simple: the Voice to Parliament is about abolishing the private land rights of every Australian (Indigenous included). It concerns the criminal transference of ‘Australian land’ by subterfuge into the exclusive ownership of a Transnational Corporatocracy (a conglomerate of foreign megacorporations shielded behind UN Agenda 2030). Our farms, our individually-owned land, and Australia’s lucrative natural resources will be upheaved, thieved and plundered. The entire process concerns “advancing Aboriginal Rights” only in so far as they are necessary to conceal the UN agenda, and to successfully execute the monumental theft.

Once constitutionally enshrined, The Voice will enable an executive “Aboriginal Government” to ratify Treaty, which will be guided by the current Native Title Act, 1993, to dismantle what currently constitutes the Nation of Australia into Indigenous micro-nations. Australia will be completely carved-up according to the Native Title land borders fictitiously allocated to various tribes. Gone will be our Sovereign Nation. It will all be heralded as the realisation of ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth’ (according to The Uluru Statement), and Australians will be utterly aghast when such “Truth hearings” finally determine that ‘reconciliation’ and ‘reparations’ are best served by returning sovereignty of “stolen Australia” by ‘repatriating’ ALL land to the “Indigenous.”

Australia, as a six State and two Territory nation, will be erased.


However, no single Indigenous person will actually benefit, and the collective plight of such people will be further degraded, as unity amongst Australians is politically fragmented.

‘The Voice,’ ‘The Uluru Statement from the Heart,’ the notion of ‘Voice, Treaty, Truth’, and the origins of the ‘Native Title Act, 1993’ are all foreign machinations drafted by Geneva think-tanks to execute a land grab of our country for the Global Elite. It is all a trap, placed, and spring-tension set — with the Trappers patiently guiding our ill-fated steps from afar.

There will be no actual land ownership under Treaty (when all Indigenous own everything, but truly nothing) and all decisions (regarding ‘Pay the Rent,’ regional population relocations, complete farmland expropriation, new lithium and uranium mines on formerly sacred land, limited access to waterways, etc) will be exclusively determined by a captured “Blak Parliament.” Such a Voice will only execute decisions that advance the business interests of foreign billionaire oligarchs.

Only an overwhelming awareness of the true hidden agenda will counter this eventuality.

We MUST be prepared to parry the Lie, and assemble vast legions beneath the banner of Truth.

NOTE: this is the FOURTH piece in a current sequence of four. This series of articles aims to expose the hidden agenda behind the ‘Voice to Parliament.’ It is not necessary to read each piece in published sequence, but it may benefit the reader to read each piece for a thorough overview, and to establish interconnecting context. 

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Patriotrealm.com

republished with permission. 

“Stephen Reason” is the pseudonym of an individual who has been actively researching and presenting material on our contrived “pandemic crisis” since July 2020.

He is an independent journalist, polemicist, satirist, writer and researcher, who delights in the art of prose, and in presenting information in an impactful and stylistic manner. Although the majority of his current writing critiques the global and local “pandemic” response, he also examines all significant geopolitical and sociopolitical trends, intrigues and crises.









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