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It is " something Day " somewhere in the world almost everyday it seems. I just watched a video clip where a young lady interviewed folk in Florida about what was then the upcoming State of the Union Address in America. On the streets of Florida, she asked a simple question : what is the SOTU ( State of the Union) and the results were sadly, unsurprising. The people had no idea what it was.
 This 9 minute video clip on infowars showed that the people had no idea what it was.. Now, here in Australia, I can understand that. Why should an Australian have any clue what the SOTU address is?
But America? Surely, surely they would know. They may not be interested in it, but surely they would know what it is.... but alas, no.
No idea. Yadda. Zip.
I suppose it would be interesting to ask the same people what American Thanksgiving Day is. Or what Columbus Day is.
In Australia, what is Australia Day? What is Remembrance Day? What is Anzac Day?
anzac day

Days of importance on a National level are sometimes trivialised today. We have a Day for National Apology; a Day for Trees or a Day for Friendship.  But our National key Days are pretty much set in stone.  Yes, we have  a Day for Mothers, a Day for Fathers and a Day for Lovers. Yes, Valentines Day is upon us. Again.  Day to celebrate the joy of being in love and giving gifts to our loved ones.


stval1All those eons ago, poor old Valentinus, later Saint Valentinus of Rome, was martyred because he had the audacity to perform marriages for the soldiers of Rome ( who were not allowed to marry ) and also for the persecuted Christians of that era.

He became immortalised as the Valentine we accept today - the purveyor of love and extremely healthy profits to the purveyors of flowers, jewellery and chocolates.


Valentine was a guy who performed marriages for those that were deemed unable to be married. For his work, he was imprisoned and later executed. I wonder how he feels about his legacy? To die for Greeting Card manufacturers, perfumeries, jewellers and florists all around the world making shitloads of money in recognition of his death back in 496 AD.


Of course, the recognition of Christ's death at Easter each year is probably a tad insensitive when we consider the Easter egg consumption, the creation of Hot Cross Buns for months prior to the event... all to commemorate the crucifixion  of a guy strung up, nailed onto and tortured on a timber cross for not towing the party line.


Valentine and Jesus had something in common: they both stood up against a dictatorship and both died for that sin. The sin of defiance. the sin of free thought. The sin of speaking out.

Back then, the enemy were the Romans, who as Monty Python pointed out so eloquently many years ago, contributed much to society, despite their dictatorial Government.


Today, we are not ruled by the Romans. We are ruled by those who pretend to be our protectors. Our " Public Servants. " But do they serve us or do we serve them? I suggest that they should be called "  Public Overseers. "


Keep the People dumb, deny a decent education, deny access to a factual media; deny the right to make choices for oneself by creating laws that legislate to deny you the right to THINK.


It appears to have worked well in Florida and, indeed, throughout the world. So many people today follow instructions from those that they " follow " on instagram, facebook or twitter. Because they have become followers, devoid of free thought, independent decision making or the desire to learn.


They follow the thoughts of others; follow the looks of others and follow the instructions of their Political and Public Overseers.


john wayne

Would Jesus or Valentinus have been social media superstars today? Or would have they been " banned " and their voices never heard, their stories never told and their " followers " never been seen or known?

Think about it. Mohammed seems to get a fair crack at it, as does Mr George Soros, the Getup crowd and the Antifa brigade.
Oh, that's right, thinking is an old fashioned outdated and banned concept these days.
To think is to question. And we cannot have that.

How about we declare everyday of the year " International Day of Learning " and get back to Critical Thinking?


Start thinking, learning, educating and making our brains work for a living, instead of mindlessly following the dictates of MSM, Politicians and so called " celebrities." 
The best place to start is with our young folk.
"Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit." - SWAMI CHINMAYANANDA, Indian Spiritual Leader

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