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When good women get involved with good men, all manner of amazing things can happen. In a partnership of equals, the possibility of one plus one equalling three or even four is not only possible, but it is also extremely likely. While standing alone, one person can only ever achieve the potential output of one. But, when coupled with someone of equal potential, the numbers can change dramatically. 

It is time to gather our resources and focus on the job at hand: to get back to OUR world where we worked together in unity and harnessed our strengths and pulled together as a team.



History has shown us that many powerful men have partnered with powerful women. Their power may have come from different directions, but they were. as it is said so sagely " Sympatico." They worked in harmony to each other's benefit.


A solid marriage, whether it be the likes of Winston and Clementine, Eva and Juan Peron, Eleanor and Franklin D Roosevelt, or Anthony and Cleopatra, it is the two that creates the four; the combination of yin and yang that turns the marriage into a partnership and a partnership into a powerhouse. 

The old adage that " behind every good man is a good woman " is somewhat flawed. It was certainly true in the days of bygone eras when women were decorative and seen only as the weaker sex. While men basked in the glory of adulation, their wives or mistresses quietly worked behind the scenes wielding power - sight unseen and far from the critical eye of the public. 

As time has passed, we have embraced the concept of equality and ditched the outdated idea that one sex is superior to the other... unless, of course you are a leftie luvvie who now asserts that men are inferior to women and white men in particular.

Of course, there is the new fly in the ointment: men masquerading as women and that is a whole new kettle of fish. Women's sport is being destroyed and there is the dangerous trend that allows men in women's changing rooms, toilet facilities and even prisons. They are even winning women's beauty pageants and depriving young females of fair competition. 

What puzzles me is why so many women are actively encouraging their own demise. 

The transgender movement is redefining motherhood, breastfeeding, femininity and the very essence of womanhood itself.  

Moslems are free to condemn their women folk to the boot of the car or the prison of a burkha because that is a cultural difference. 


A Woman Can Go To Heaven If Accompanied By A Male Relative

Indigenous Australian men can beat their women and rape their daughters because - well, that is a cultural issue.

When women ridicule and rebuke a brave, intelligent articulate woman such as Jacinta Nampijinpa Price I have to wonder whether their brains have fallen out of their heads and been replaced with some kind of zombie jelly or similar. 

" Away from the ideological romanticism, virtue signalling acknowledgements & self flagellation of the inner cities is reality for women & vulnerable Australians in the bush. Time for the inner city to stop dominating the agenda & for some real listening to those telling the truth. "

And therein lies the problem: the inner city leftie luvvies are dominating the conversation and the media laps it up.

And it's not just the women. 

She said, in a recent interview on Sky News Australia  that it’s “high time” Australians upheld the human rights of children in the Northern Territory.

“To live in an environment that is caring for them,” she told Sky News commentator Steve Price.

“So, they can grow up to be adults to make decisions for themselves … and eventually have a choice.

“Right now, that is completely stripped from them because of policies that claim it’s racist to uphold their human rights as Australian citizens of this country.”

But that is another story in its own right. 

We are seeing such a ludicrous world where sexuality and gender are being distorted and manipulated for political or ideological motivation. Where we are expected to applaud the denigration of white heterosexual men and elevate the " suffering" of " Trans women " because some nutter wearing a pink hat has told us it must be thus.

We must not forget that many a good man has fallen for the fluttering eyelashes or the temptation of a cleverly practiced smile or promise of a cuddle on a bearskin rug beside a well lit log fire. It held true in the days of Henry the Eighth and holds true in the modern world. 

Women can be very manipulative and cunning. 

There are also many women who have fallen prey to the silken words of a man with an ulterior motive. 

Equally, Boris Johnson and " Harry Markle " have let the side down by partnering up with women with long eyelashes, long legs and short skirts.  What they have forgotten, however, is that we, the Public, have long memories and short fuses.

But, for every man that has been lifted up by a powerful woman who appears to walk in his shadow, but in fact she is overshadowing him, there are countless others whose shadows cross and walk in tandem.


Many women embrace the power of their husbands and support him and those that he supports.

Many men embrace the power of their wives and support those that she supports.


Women from our western cultures are no longer victims of misogyny or oppression unless they CHOOSE to be victims.

Unless, of course, you are a moslem or an indigenous Australian woman. In which case, you are cannon fodder for the leftist radicals. 

Even by those who purport to be your sisters.


Fortunately, for most of us living in the real world, we can spot a good man or woman, a good partner in life and a good person with whom to walk the roads of life and explore the dusty trails and campsites we find along the way.

All of this nonsense about quotas, about gender equality and female oppression in our western societies is offensive to most of us.

We have seen what can be achieved when two people unite, stand side by side and hand in hand and march on to victory. 

It's time to wake up and celebrate our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and accept that, by uniting together, we can make 1 + 1 = 4. 

Because,  if we keep creating division, we are doomed to failure. And that is what the bastards want. 

Let's unite and, through that unity, create strength. We are going to need it. 


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