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What we need right now is a bull in the China Shop. Someone who can sort the buggers out.  

No wonder the Left hates Trump and wanted him gone. They threw everything they had at getting him out of power and were not worried about breaking every cup, saucer, jug or plate if that meant that he and his Presidency was over.

For decades, the Bull in the China shop has signified a rampaging beast who storms through the door and smashes everything to pieces.

Well, President Trump sure did that. Because it really needed smashing. But the Left put a stop to his work. The last thing they want is him coming back to try again to finish the job he started. 

The China Shop is part of a global chain of shops. It sells everything from kettles to cars; washing machines to wig hair and cells for souls. Organs can be bought and traded. If you want a kidney, come to the China Shop and place your order. An enslaved dissident or naughty person can oblige. 

download 2020 12 10T073327.559

My neighbour gets hair weaves. I look at her long flowing locks and suppress my outrage: she is a left leaning social reformist and I cannot understand how her vanity over rides her sense of human dignity. What poor woman had her head shaved so that MY NEIGHBOUR could flick her locks about and feel pretty and feminine.

I am not having a go at my neighbour. I truly believe that she has not stopped and considered the hair that she spends so many hundreds of dollars having woven onto her scalp could perhaps have come from some persecuted woman from China. She is probably too busy taking selfies and worrying about how best she can keep pretending she is 30 and not in her middle age.

I feel sad to be honest. Really sad. That all the leftie luvvies rabbit on and on about social justice, climate change, equality for all yet, strangely, ignore the reality that they are themselves supporting the things that they appear to be so passionately against.

Take Fraser Island as an example. Yes, this is a giant leap from hair harvesting or organ harvesting from Chinese slave labour. But what the lefties do is use their doctrines and beliefs to overthrow commonsense, under the guise of environmental responsibility.

download 2020 12 10T073542.519

Fraser Island, a UNESCO listed heritage site off the coast of Queensland, Australia, was on fire back in 2020. The Queensland Government had a $15 million firefighting plane on the ground and would not use it because the water that it would use could cause cultural and or environmental concerns. Apparently, according to the leftie luvvies, using water from the over 100 lakes on the island , or the ocean that surrounds it, could have impacted on the delicate eco system and something else really important. Quite what is more important, I have no bloody idea.

Bugger the koalas, the kangaroos, the dingoes, the marsupials, the native animals. Let's allow the island to burn so that we don't risk stuffing up the delicate eco system.What a load of absolute RUBBISH. This leftist garbage is out of control. 

download 2020 12 10T073755.880

I personally believe that this was all about shutting the island down to visitors. This has nothing to do with what is right or decent. It was all about what the buggers who hate Trump ( and us want. ) In other words, to take over our rights. It is about the Great Reset, the Agenda 21, the Agenda 2030 plan to create a New World Order.

A vaccine for a plague that is no worse than a seasonal flu yet has been turned into a plague of Biblical proportions by a crazed left wing media that uses FEAR to suffocate and suppress freedom.

download 2020 12 10T074028.942

Politicians, throughout the world who supported Biden, a geriatric fool who has the brain of pond scum to become President of the most powerful country on the planet. And the VP, a woman who is so left leaning, she could hang over a bridge and the bridge would collapse. Because that is what is happening. Right now. 

CHINA could OWN AMERICA  AND THE FREE WORLD. Yes, it is that serious. Our Western Governments are kow towing to China to have enough money to pay for hair extensions, buy Fraser Island and still have money left over for when they give the keys to our countries over to the likes of WHO, WEF and their Chinese buddies in crime. 

download 2020 12 10T074300.338

The China Shop is taking over and the Bull that is Trump is the only one who can stop it.


Is it too late?

IF the Trump Presidency returns, the China Shop will lose business. It will lose many of its franchises throughout the world. And many franchisees throughout the world are panicking right now. 

If, on the other hand, the China Shop wins, through a returned Biden/Harris Presidency, then every Ma and Pa shop, small business and independent trader will disappear forever. We will lose FOREVER the right to fair elections globally. We will never again enjoy the freedom of personal choice.

Because, unless something changes by 2024, no election will be worth the paper it isn't written on. Forget the chance to fight back. The future will be writ, as the saying goes, by those who writ it before you even knew it was writ.

Which, strangely enough, brings me to Texas. Yes, I know, my mind has a habit of going off on tangents. 



On the Texas flag, the blue stripe on the left stands for loyalty, the white star is the “Lone Star”, and the color red represents courage. The star has five points, one point for each letter of the state name source

The Battle at the Alamo ended on the 6th of March 1836. 

At the Alamo, where the legendary Davy Crockett fell , there were  200 loyal patriots who stood to fight. For Texans, the Battle of the Alamo became an enduring symbol of their heroic resistance to oppression and their struggle for independence, which they won later that year. The battle cry of “remember the Alamo” later became popular during the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. source


There are 85 million Americans ready to defend the fort and our Bull in the China Shop is ready to smash as many plates as it takes to destroy the China Shop. 

Because if we lose the bull, the China Shop will be the only store in town. The United Nations will be our world Government. Fraser Island and places like it will be closed to the public; organs will be traded; heads will be shaved; rights will no longer exist and 2023 will seem, relatively speaking, like a good year.

If I was American, you could make that 85,000,001.

And don't forget the other elephant in the room.



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