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I am not going to start with the obligatory " some of my best friends are gay , but... " statement,  because they are not.

I have only known a few people who chose a different path on which to travel their lives and, while I do not judge, I am not that fussed one way or the other about which side of the sexual fence they choose to sit or lie. All I have ever asked is that they keep their private lives in their homes.

Instead, we are under a constant barrage of Gay Pride marches and Drag races. leading us to a demolition derby against normal human behaviour.

How could we have let things get so bad so fast?

If someone chooses to fall in love with a cucumber, I might think that they are a whacko and I wouldn't invite them around for a salad bring your own plate luncheon; but I quite frankly don't give a flying fig if they enjoy a fond relationship with said cucumber - just don't ask me to celebrate their lusty union.


What a pickle of a world we find ourselves in these days though.

And, in my very controversial and no doubt hated opinion, it all started with same sex marriage. 

Prior to this " opinion poll " that was taken in Australia, we seemed to have mucked on quite nicely for decades. Homosexuality was not just tolerated, it was accepted as someone's right to freedom of personal persuasion, as long as it was handled with discretion and consideration. 

There were a couple of blokes who lived up the road from an older lady I know and she called them the " Mintie Boys" because they used to offer her a mintie lolly when she chatted with them on the walk around their neighbourhood block.


She chose to think of them as being each others close friends and flatmates and they never gave her any reason to destroy the illusion. In fact, she quite liked them and considered them great neighbours who were always friendly, respectful and cheery.

When the Marriage poll came up, I know people who voted yes. I voted No - not because I didn't like the Mintie Boys, but because it worried me that this would be the catalyst for a dangerous change in the fabric of Australian life.

Sadly, I was right.

It was not long before Australian law was changed, based on an opinion poll, and lines in the sand were being crossed each and every month in terms of societal change and the lowering of accepted community standards. 


The 9th of December 2017 was the line in the sand that was crossed and, in a few short years, we have seen a complete meltdown in our perception of " acceptable. "

It was the same day that President Roosevelt, all those years earlier in 1941, declared war on Japan.  I cannot help but think that the 9th of December 2017 was the day that the left declared war on Australia.

Because, in my opinion, it was not the likes of the Mintie Boys who started this revolution and sabotage of our morality and our accepted ways of life.


It was an opportunity for political activists to use the " win " as a " loss" and to further their own goal to defeat our democracy.

In a few short years, we have seen a moral decay descend upon us like a plague of tattoos, transgenders, teenage gender dysphorically confused rainbow headed lunatics all espousing the triumph of Gay Rights.


Our children are being exposed to dildo dangling monkeys in libraries; a gay choir smiling as they sing about converting our children ( " it was only a joke!" ) and countless parents and grandparents horrified at the change to their beloved family members into socially unacceptable idiots who would applaud the bloke who married a cucumber and wonder why they never thought of it themselves.

The education system is descending into a swamp of man-hating, white-hating, family hating, flag hating, Australia hating sewerage and our offspring are being taught to not only hate themselves and their heritage but also to fear the right to speak their minds.

It is much safer and trendier to parrot sayings like " Black Lives Matter " than to parrot their times table. In fact, a parrot is more intelligent than the current crop of future Australians who prefer to sob about climate change and become vegan to save the animals.

They save the forests and sacrifice the koalas. They save the cattle and sheep while seeing them starve and die of thirst, in order to save a frog.

It is trendy to get vaccinated to save humanity, to wear masks and to boast on social media about " I got the jab " and it is increasingly on trend to date a black refugee male to show how inclusive a young woman may be.

Yet we cannot blame young people for their distorted and twisted view on the future. 

Our governments, social media and MSM are largely driving this forward.

Some parents are also popping fuel on the fire and encouraging this outbreak of hysterical and nonsensical, dangerous and damaging take on the modern world by simply shrugging their shoulders and accepting it. And, dare I say. encouraging it.


Well, I say No.

It is unacceptable.

Our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers would be horrified to see what the world has become. A world tainted and corrupted by propaganda that is actively encouraged by our governments?

Why?  Why are they doing this? 

Are they so cowered by opinion polls that they are too fearful of upsetting the vocal minorities that they are prepared to see the entire Nation and fabric of society unravel into a tangle of confused and utterly uneducated, ill equipped drones take over?

Are they propelled by power and greed? What drives their deluded and dangerous preoccupation with all things sexual and green? Why does nothing else matter except the destruction of our country, our prosperity and national pride? When did " gay pride"  become more important than pride in our nation? How did this happen? Who encouraged it?


Unfortunately, I often feeI as if I am suffocating in a world of ill informed sheep who are leading us over a cliff into hell.

We have a government and media who have thrown our nations to the wolves that are currently devouring our young people, our future and our sense of hope.

It must be because they don't give a shit.  


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