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Much is written these days about wise men. About foolish men. Dangerous men. Men who stir the pot for self-gratification or for brownie points on their Santa list. Men who do or did brave things and bucked the system in order to do what is right.

These men will come and go and history will gnaw at their bones like pieces of meat to be devoured and rendered back unto ashes with only the history books to remember their legacy - faithfully recorded or severely edited, depending upon the political and societal climate of the day. 

Many years ago, I was a young person embarking on a new career. I heard a song that I fell in love with and I sang along with in delight - with my classmates. We truly did not comprehend the meaning.

Please watch the videos. They really are important. This one is worth watching first for the atmosphere and the maximum  impact from the article.



That piece of music is now so very important because it spoke of what has happened to us all.

The Day The Music Died.

As the years have passed and I have aged, I have often reflected on that song and wondered why I never really appreciated the depths of the words.

Probably, because I was too busy having fun and enjoying being young.

As I have grown older, I have found myself gravitating to the Six Wise Men who were introduced to me by three wise men. My Dad, my old teacher and my mentor who guided me through my initiation into business and reality. Men I love and admire and will always do so.

These three wise men iintroduced me to the men who live forever.

The Six Wise Men.

 I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.


Long have I held men in great awe, because of their commitment to decency and patriotism and commonsense. And before our more militant readers from the femanazi side of things get upset, I use the word men to describe mankind, humanity and the knowledge that we are but one species, called MAN.

As most of you know, I am a woman. Biological. And I have the chromosomes to prove it. I write under the name of Monty because it is a derivative of my old handle from years ago when I posted as a chap called Montalbano: a Sicilian detective who always saw the right in wrong and the wrong in right. 


He was also rather handsome as portrayed by the Italian actor Luca Zingaretti.

Happy Expat writes powerfully about the right in wrong and the wrong in right. Flysa teases us with his articles that tempt us to question our perception of life. 

We are constantly challenged by perceptions of right, wrong and shades of grey in between. 


I admire Churchill and look to him for his sage pieces of verbal mastery.

Trump, a man I have followed since his emergence on that elevator back in 2015.

Monash, for whom I have only recently developed an admiration and respect.

Ned Kelly, someone I regarded as a thug and a waste of space. Until I learned " the other side of the story "

So many - Breaker Morant, and the boys who have fought according to their will and their perception of what is right and what is wrong.

It matters not who the men or women are. It matters not what name they have or what tale they tell: after all, these days, we are ruled by fact-checkers and censors who care nought for anything other than pushing a political agenda.

We can castigate, criticise and demean or we can praise, endorse or uphold these men.The men who have dwelt among us.


And it didn't work, did it?

We were defeated by the corruption and leftists took over. A few years have passed since then, and haven't we seen the death of American Pie and the Music Died. The day that joy left our lives and we became slaves to ignorance, fear and cowardice.

The Who, the Why, the When and the How -  the sheer lunacy of what is going on in our world today... the what is happening is beyond our comprehension. 

But WHO is doing this?

 I keep asking myself asking " What is going on? " and I keep getting that same reply back 

" How? When? Why? How ? Where? Who? "

And on it goes.

When I first started this website, I used those wise men as my guides. I still do, to a large extent. 
They are, after all, without colour, gender, political persuasion or personal motivation.

We read much these days about Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus and other religious faiths. 

People who identify as chipmunks, trees, or fall in love with dolls.  Those who believe that a young woman from Scandanavia is the new Joan of Arc and how people bow down and worship the annihilation of their own race. 


We see the silencing of free speech and the chastity belt of questioning being padlocked each day on the body of the People. 

Our ancestors toppled by activists who wish to do nothing other than to dismantle history and re-create a new narrative.

So I ask myself WHAT is going on? 

HOW is this being allowed to happen?

WHEN did it start?

WHERE did it start?

WHY is this happening?

HOW did we allow it to happen?

But most importantly WHO is doing it?


Of the six wise men, perhaps WHO is the most important at the present time. 

WHAT is going on? Global Great Reset.

HOW is it happening?  Under the guise of a fear campaign generated by a virus some years ago and laws veiled in soft words about equality, diversity and inclusion.

WHEN did it start? A long time ago. Today is just the end of a plan put into action decades ago,

WHY is it happening?  Because the time is right. The introduction of the New World Order. The Great Reset. The destruction of sovereignty.

WHERE is it happening? Everywhere. It is a global issue.


That, my friends, is the question. 

Of course, the enemy could hidden in plain sight.


I laboured long and hard how to end this article.

It came to me tonight. Long after I had hoped to find peace in sleep.

Yes, this is an ending worthy of this article.

Because we need a voice of reason; of outrage; of indignation.

A VOICE that says no more.

A sincere VOICE of the people.

A Voice of Six Wise Men who identified WHO the problem is.




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