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The so-called Aboriginal "Voice" is a king-size scam by the Labor Fabian/Marxists.

There is no official publication of what powers the Referendum will give to the Aboriginals, other than  Anthony Albanese saying that it will have no power to veto Parliament, and Linda Burney, the Minister for Indigenous Australians, saying it will only be an advisory group. However, in a speech given in 2022 at the Garma Festival, referred to at the end of this article, the Prime Minister gave three points which prove conclusively that a referendum will be entirely unnecessary, and no more than a political scam.

I wonder, when and if, people will know what they are voting for. 


Below are extracts from an article dated 10 December 2022 by ABC reporter Dana Morse.

Albanese Voice



Map Voice


 Should the above suppositions be correct, there would be no need for a referendum — all that would be required is an Act of Parliament passed by both houses.

It is commonplace for the Commonwealth to appoint advisory committees. Clearly, the intention is to give the Aboriginals a power to override or compel Parliament, and to attempt to do that a referendum must he held as outlined in Clause 128 below. Obviously, Labor' s intention is to wait until the last possible minute, and then disclose the question to be answered by the referendum, should Section 128 of the Constitution be satisfied.

On 16 January 2022, both the Leader of the Opposition. Peter Dutton, and independent Senator Jacqui Lambie were reported as calling on Labor to release the Bill, which must be be voted on by Parliament prior to the proposed referendum (see Section 128 below).

The statement of intention by the Prime Minister referred to above, is incompatible with calling a referendum, as his legal advisers would be aware.

 Lambie Voice

Dutton Voice

During the Garma Festival held in Arnhem Land in July 2022, the Prime Minister, pictured with Lina Burney after his speech, summarised what the Bill might include. There is absolutely nothing in that statement  (depicted below) requiring a referendum, as all Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are Australian citizens. Any incorporated body, such as "The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice", would be governed by the Corporations Act, and would have no need to form part of the Constitution. The Commonwealth Government already has the make the laws referred to.






Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive   Sir Walter Scott


The following are relevant extracts from the Constitution:

5.  Operation of the Constitution and laws.

This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State; and the laws of the Commonwealth shall be in force on all British ships, the Queen’s ships of war excepted, whose first port of clearance and whose port of destination are in the Commonwealth.

128.  Mode of altering the Constitution.

 This Constitution shall not be altered except in the following manner:—

 The proposed law for the alteration thereof must be passed by an absolute majority of each House of the Parliament, and not less than two nor more than six months after its passage through both Houses the proposed law shall be submitted in each State and Territory to the electors qualified to vote for the election of members of the House of Representatives.

 But if either House passes any such proposed law by an absolute majority, and the other House rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with any amendment to which the first-mentioned House will not agree, and if after an interval of three months the first-mentioned House in the same or the next session again passes the proposed law by an absolute majority with or without any amendment which has been made or agreed to by the other House, and such other House rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with any amendment to which the first-mentioned House will not agree, the Governor‑General may submit the proposed law as last proposed by the first-mentioned House, and either with or without any amendments subsequently agreed to by both Houses, to the electors in each State and Territory qualified to vote for the election of the House of Representatives.

 When a proposed law is submitted to the electors the vote shall be taken in such manner as the Parliament prescribes.  But until the qualification of electors of members of the House of Representatives becomes uniform throughout the Commonwealth, only one-half the electors voting for and against the proposed law shall be counted in any State in which adult suffrage prevails.

And if in a majority of the States a majority of the electors voting approve the proposed law, and if a majority of all the electors voting also approve the proposed law, it shall be presented to the Governor-General for the Queen's assent.

 No alteration diminishing the proportionate representation of any State in either House of the Parliament, or the minimum number of representatives of a State in the House of Representatives, or increasing, diminishing, or otherwise altering the limits of the State, or in any manner affecting the provisions of the Constitution in relation thereto, shall become law unless the majority of the electors voting in that State approve the proposed law.

Flysa is of the opinion that the so-called Aboriginal "Voice" is a king-size scam by the Labor Fabian/Marxists.




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