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It is so tragic. What a terrible place that we inhabit.

We all want to turn the clock back to days when boys were boys and men were men.

Women were elegant and nurturing mothers. Children were respectful and the family unit was a given, not an oddity.

Yet we have so many elephants in the room these days. What a shame. Because the real elephant in the room is a change to our Australian Constitution. 

Today's article was about patriotism and manhood. It was about the protection of our Nation. 

So many comments would appear " off topic " as so many say these days,

But they were all on topic. The comments spoke to me as views and people who want to slam the desk and yell " It is not fair! " and then sob into their sleeves and say ( as they did " Miss, it just isn't fair! "

I am an old school teacher. An ex Head Mistress. 

I am in my 80's now. But I still remember very vividly those days when I had to be tough so that my students could survive. 

I used to hand them my handkerchief and tell them to wipe their tears away and then look at them gravely.

I would say " So what are you going to do about it? "

More often than not I would get a sniffy nose and a reply of

" Nothing Miss,. What can I do? "

Remember, I had many students who were all suffering from abuse, hunger, neglect and lack of parental care.

I had no ability to pluck them out of their sadness and give them a home. I worked in a place where we were fortunate to have children come to school.

I said the only thing I could say. I said

" It is up to you my dear. Come to school and learn. If you do that, you have hope. But you can't have hope without learning. "

Some listened. Many did not.

I could not save them all. I could not save any of them. 

But a few saved themselves. 

All I could do was use my words and knowledge to inspire them to reach and reach for a better life.

I was gratified that a few survived and went on to become whole. They became proud and responsible and I am personally proud of the few.

Do I lament the loss of the many?

Of course I do.

However, I must add that I have much regret over the many failures. Yet it never diminished my pride in the few.

Life is so complex these days.

But is it truly any worse than the lives led by those youngsters back so many decades ago?

As I said I am now in my 80's and I did not teach in a school like Anne of Green Gables.

My teaching career was as a pioneer in Australia I suppose.

In tough, very challenging aboriginal communities.

Yes, I moved on in later years.

But I never forgot the children who ran up to me and hugged me ( when hugging was allowed ) and received a loving embrace back. Probably the only hug that they received that day.

I remember the children with bruises and smiles that were broken with missing teeth, knocked out the previous night by a violent and drunken parent.

I cannot ever forget the little 10 year old girl who came to me and told me that her father had been mean to her and, 2 years later, she had a baby. All of these so called supporters of aboriginal rights need to hang their heads in shame. I say No to the Voice because I know what it is really like.

It may have been a long time ago, but nothing has changed.

As a young woman I saw this. I lived it.

As an old woman, I am voting " No " because I know it is the right thing to do.

I am with Jacinta :Price. 

You have to live it to know it. 

And love it to live it.

Vote No.

The Aboriginal People of Australia are counting on you to do the right thing. 

This is not about a Voice in parliament. 

This is about a Voice for the beginning of segregation and the end of freedom.

I will vote No because I want the Aboriginal Australians to be free of the noose of Canberra, not further strangled by their red tape and green double talk.

Not one child I taught saw a dollar of Canberra money. 


And he or she will still be yearning to hug a teacher somewhere in a far off place like Cape York and knowing that all the referendums in the world will not give them a hug or a place to learn or a voice that really mattered.

The Voice of hope. 

Give them that Voice. 

Give them the Voice of Love. Of Caring.

Do we, as I said at the beginning, want to turn the clock back? In some ways, yes,

To the days when we could love each other and hold hands and hug a friend in need. 

But do we want to turn the clock back to days of segregation? Or days when white and black were considered different?

I do not. 

And I truly believe that you do not wish to either. 

The separation of people is abhorrent. 

Let my students who rose up and defied their lack of privilege enjoy it. 

It is, as my student said many years ago

" Not fair Miss! " 


And that is all I have to say on the matter. 





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