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It seems that the townies have lost the plot and it's time for the boys from the scrub in the outback towns to come in and sort this mess out. 

It is a fiasco. 

I think the people in the cities have taken control over a situation that they do not understand. Let's face it, if we keep this rubbish up, we won't have a country. 

What gets me is that these fools with their smashed avocadoes are dictating the terms to all Australians and our Governments are hailing them on to do it.

They sit in their leafy little suburbs in the cities and they read their communist manifestos and worship at the altar of the left and then vote to destroy not only us, but also our country.


Are they completely brainless?  Yes, I think that they are.

Without the bushies and the boys from the bush there is no Australia. In more ways than one.

Still, the city dwellers hate people like the farmers and the coal miners and treat them like their enemies. 


Some time ago, I wrote about the great divide between the bush and the brainless fools that inhabit the places west or south of the Great Divide. If anything; things have gotten worse. Since then, the rural folk have endured so much that these easily offended simpletons would not be able to comprehend. Drought, floods, and even the odd mouse plague. During the last one, some leftie woman suggested that we needed to mount a relocation programme. 

For heavens sakes,. are these people on the same planet or continent as me? 

I feel fairly confident that if one of these pretty little ladies with false eyelashes, high heels and abundant makeup SAW a mouse she would scream. Let alone thousands. In her bed. In her kitchen. In her home or up her carefully sewn trouser leg.


Rural women and men who fight for their livelihoods every day so that we can be fed are providing the wealth of Australia that keeps the lights on, the stores stocked and the avocadoes on the shelves.

We need our truckies who we rely on and, believe it or not, they rely on us. Without rural produce they would have nothing to deliver. Without them, the city dwellers would be sitting in lonely cafes with nothing to eat or drink and plenty to whine about.

Remember when this happened a few years ago?


Mike actually wrote us an article shortly after this amazing feat 

But if fuel prices continue to soar and our ability to harvest is destroyed because unemployed Australians are too lazy to get off their bums, what will these fools eat and drink? Imported muck from China?

Is that what they want?  To bring Australia to its knees?

The rural people work their guts out every single day. 


They don't want your praise. They don't want your thanks, gratitude or empty gratuitous comments about what a grand job they are doing. 

They just want to be left alone to do their job. 

Yet our Governments and banks and city cousins seem hell bent on destroying their ways of life and, in doing so, destroy their own. How dumb, how inutterably dumb is that?

They want to kill our meat industry. They want to kill our coal industry. They want to kill our gas industry. They want to kill our agricultural industry by denying the farmers water. They want to tell us that we are bad for wanting to enrich our Nation with wealth in the form of food and economic survival for all. 

We need some common sense back and it isn't coming from Canberra. 

It is time for the boys from the bush to come back to town and sort this out.

We can do it if the National Party and the One Nation Party and Hunters, Fishers and Shooters get together and have a yarn. Preferably in a pub, a long way from Canberra and in a town that knows what is happening in Australia. Not some privileged suburb where a gucci gastro pub masquerades as Australian.

The simple facts remain.

We need coal. We need more coal fired power stations. We need nuclear power. We need gas fired power stations.

We do not need electric vehicles being retired to landfill in the bush. We do not need the wind turbines and solar panels lying decaying on our outback and rural land. 

We do not need our farmers being harassed by activists on their own properties.

We do not need imported produce when we can feed the entire South Pacific and much of Asia with food, as long as we have access to our own water.

What we do NOT need is exporting our coal so that others benefit from Australia's wealth.

What we do NOT need is landfill in our rural regions so that it is kept out of sight from the selfish fools who occupy townhouses and coffee shops in the cities.

What we do NOT need is being tormented on rural properties for doing  their job, which is to feed and benefit our country.

We do NOT need to plough produce into the ground because there are too many lazy people in the cities.


Most importantly we do NOT need idiots from the cities telling us how Australia works and how we can become better by bankrupting our rural sector, our regions, and our economy.

National Party, it is time for the boys from the bush to come back to town and sort this mess out, because the survival of Australia lies with the boys from the Outback Scrub.

You better believe it.

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