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The democRATs have just moved forward with their witch hunt on President Trump and are hell bent on demonising the most successful President in living memory.

Is this a trick or a treat?  

For myself, being a great supporter of President Donald J Trump, I rather suspect that there is a trick and a treat at stake here...and the democRATs don't realise that they are about to eat garlic soup.. 


Trump is a master slayer of demons and a dab hand at throwing boomerangs

On face value, the DemocRATs have had a win. They have led the President in to danger and peril and see him as the damsel in distress, about to be placed on to the altar in their dungeon of secrecy and evil. They are laughing and sniggering in their vault of evil and chortling like witches around a couldron of political fire..... they stand, venomous teeth at the ready, anticipating plunging their fangs in to his political neck and screaming with glee as he writhes on their sacrificial altar - pleading for mercy and prepared to resign if only they would stop their foul torture and relentless hatred. 

 But, but, but... can you imagine, for a moment, that Trump is not a lamb coming to slaughter... but a willing victim prepared to face all manner of evil in order to face his tormenters? 

This has been a long time in the making. A movie set for a movie directed by a master who makes Alfred Hitchcock proud. 

The star players are in their positions. The witches and warlocks gathered and the dungeon lights set to dim. The scary music set to low in the background; the smoke and mirrors placed carefully and strategically about the altar.

The Hero walks in. The camera pans. The crowd revealed, fangs dripping with blood and the vampires gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation of the feast to follow. 

Trump stands defiant and looks the evil in the eye and says:

" I have done nothing wrong. And here is the evidence. "

 The ghouls and ghosts shriek and shudder and start to turn to a poisonous vapour that pervades the air and the toxic fumes rise over the Nation.

 It is interesting to think that this happened on Halloween. A night that is put across as a night of ghosts and goblins.

Yet it was a night to celebrate the end of a successful harvest before All Saints Day.

 Well, I reckon President Trump is a vampire slayer who is about to celebrate a very tough harvest season with a most bounteous crop.

And it won't be garlic. 

It will be a crop of Justice and Decency and Honesty and Reality. 

Happy Halloween. 

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