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“Any society that entails the strengthening of the state apparatus by giving it unchecked control over the economy, and re-unites the polity and the economy, is an historical regression. In it there is no more future for the public, or for the freedoms it supported, than there was under feudalism.”

~ Robert Higgs
Feudal systems of the past concentrated all ownership of land, and therefore all power, away from the masses and into the hands of the ‘elite’ few. It was nothing short of a total system of slavery, and therefore, the elimination of freedom.
This sounds ominous, and it is, but feudalism is exactly what is being pursued today by the ruling and political class. In this current rapidly advancing transformation toward a feudal society, there is certainly a private land takeover plot in the works, but this system being built today is based more on total control of all economies and monetary systems, in order to subdue all.

Consider without prejudice, that you are now the target of this state in that you are being controlled, and therefore owned, at every level of life, instead of being able to control your own mind, body, psyche, and destiny. This behavior by the state monsters is an atrocity in every aspect of its being. To accept any of it whatsoever, is simply an admission that you are nothing more than a slave to this heinous system, where something calling itself government, can claim false authority over you by stating openly that you only have ‘rights’ allowed to you by the state thugs. As an aside, no worthless constitution , bill of rights, or any other feigned ‘governing’ document can protect you from a totalitarian state, as should be absolutely obvious given the terror we have experienced these past three years, and long, long before.
Let us break free for a moment from fear, let us understand motive, let us open our minds, let us perceive reality, instead of relying on the propaganda, heinous ideology, and opinions of all those who have a self-beneficial agenda to advance. Break down this system of rule and manipulation, and actually embrace freedom in its real sense, which only means taking responsibility for yourself instead of relying on any state organization, media, politician, so-called ‘medical expert,’ or any other bent on achieving a particular nefarious end. 
The only thing necessary for liberty to be evident is personal awareness and acceptance of the truth, and to act only on what is thought, believed, and known, instead of any reliance on outside force. 


There are only marginal differences between feudalism and nationalism, as both require a loyalty and devotion to a lord or state, which in reality is one and the same. Such lunacy relies on a majority attitude of completely unwarranted superiority over all others. I find this deformed mental mindset to be completely void of conscience, and a blight on those afflicted with such a disease as this.
The state and all its parts, are nothing more than armed gangs spawned in the belly of tyrants. The entirety of the state of government is the most heinous, disastrous, and deadly of all institutions ever created on earth, and has successfully sold itself as the protector of  the people, while raping, pillaging, and murdering all in its path toward total control.

The final breakdown and destruction of the world will most likely be due to a planned economic collapse, structured and implemented by the very governing system that has now taken over every aspect of all economic activity. The ruling ‘elites’ and their henchmen in government, are openly admitting their plan to digitize all monetary systems, so as to be able to control every single one of us in a technocratic state. They have even bragged, that “you will own nothing, and be happy.” Does this sound like feudalism to you? It should because that is exactly what it is.
This country is not progressing, it is decaying, and falling into a state of rule so obnoxious as to be a complete reversal of any good it ever achieved. It will be called an advancement into the ‘modern’ age, but in reality, it will be a regression to times of extreme brutality and poverty, where the few rule all others, and serfdom reigns supreme.

What is planned is economic feudalism, and it is close at hand. This is the world you have allowed to consume you. This is the world you have built due to your fear and indifference. If you do nothing, this is the world you will deserve, but if you fight against this state assault, negate the oligarchs and the government, refuse to be the pawns of the powerful; a better world is possible.
“The confused mass of rules of conduct called law, which has been bequeathed to us by slavery, serfdom, feudalism, and royalty, has taken the place of those stone monsters, before whom human victims used to be immolated, and whom slavish savages dared not even touch lest they should be slain by the thunderbolts of heaven.”
~ Peter Kropotkin
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