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It was over 18 months since we saw the passing of Judith Reisman, aged 86. Her death came 10 days after she received the second corona virus “ jab.” We will probably never know what her cause of death was, other than it was put down to natural causes. We will probably never know if it was a result of the vaccine or because she had existing health issues.

Or some other nepharious reason. 

But this, for the moment, is not the matter of her death that makes her extraordinary, but the matter of her life.

And it is something that should be highlighted each and every day with the increase in the abuse of our children. World wide. 

Judith Reisman was the woman who exposed the dark side of the man who is seen as a prophet and a devil, depending upon which side of the moral fence you sit. His name was Alfred Kinsey.

Alfred Kinsey founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University in 1947. His work had previously been in the field of zoology and entomology ( the study of insects) but later his interest turned to the study of human sexual behaviour.


With the publication of his books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1947) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1952), he changed the world forever. The sexual revolution had begun.

These books paved the way for the sexual liberation and gay rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

 The idea that “ anything goes “ and that children are born with sexual responses, he once said

“If Americans were not so inhibited, a 12-year-old would know most of the biology which I will have to give you in formal lectures as seniors and graduate students.”

Dubbed by one religious leader as “the most anti-religious book of our times,” Kinsey’s book provided theories on sexual topics ranging from masturbation to homosexuality. It soon reached the  New York Times’ Bestsellers list despite the fact ( or because ? ) it discussed subjects previously “ off limits. “


But along came Judith Reisman. She had her working life as a jingle writer, far removed from the murky world of sexual deviancy.

She then had a life changing moment. She discovered a neighbor’s boy had abused her daughter. This event saw her develop a passion to seek out and destroy pedophilia and its adherents.

She earned  a Ph.D. and began a lifelong campaign against pornography. She looked at the cartoons in PlayboyPenthouse, and Hustler and pointed out the predominance of pedophilia. ( Hustler actually published a long-time cartoon character called Chester the Molester.)

In the 1970s, Reisman was asked to take a look at the Kinsey Reports and also to look into Kinsey and his colleague Wardell Pomeroy’s lives and methods. When asked why she should investigate the work, “one is a pedophile, and the other is a homosexual.”


What she discovered, shocked her.

Table 34—“Examples of multiple orgasms in pre-adolescent males”—in Kinsey’s book on male sexuality was deeply disturbing.

It cites the sexual responses of children. The experiment demonstrated that babies in the crib could achieve sexual climax many times in an hour. An 11-month-old baby had ten orgasms in an hour. Another had 14 in 38 minutes. This is in Kinsey’s book. Some of them cried. Kinsey said that was a natural response to sexual release.


That someone was involved in creating these responses was horrifying.

Judit Reisman took on the task of exposing Kinsey’s methods to the world. 

What is also not widely known is that much of Kinsey’s data was sourced from surveys of people in prison for various crimes.


Among her most vocal critics were The New Yorker and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Despite her sudden death, Judith Reisman provided tremendous service to the protection of children in this world and travelled a great distance along the way.


The Kinsey Institute is still alive and well and the sad truth is that the work of Kinsey is in our schools and is being pushed by the United Nations and most Western governments.

 It's Kinsey's so called research that has helped to give us the new terminology for sex, the word "gender."

And let us not forget the man who invented the terms “gender identity,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender role.”, sexologist John Money.

Twin boys David and Brian Reimer were born in 1965.

Following Reimer’s very failed circumcision, where he suffered permanent loss of his outward appearance as a male. the psychologist John Money advised that their biological son be renamed “Brenda” and raised as a girl. Money’s ideas about nature and nurture were novel and offered justification to confused parents looking for help for their son.  


As part of the so called therapy, Money had David and his twin brother Brian assume sex positions with one another to more firmly encode “Brenda’s” sexual identity. When the twins refused, they were subjected to verbal abuse from Money. At times, other colleagues watched as the boys engaged in “sexual exploration.” Pictures were collected, and are presently being held as property of the Kinsey Institute.

Both of the twins ended up taking their lives. Who could blame them?  

The truth needs to get out and their dangerous work about human sexuality debunked.

Judith Reisman had been the voice of sanity on these issues. 

In the words of Jonathon Van Maren, Reisman “leaves behind a world far worse than it was when she began the fight, and far better because she fought it.”

Did she die of natural causes? Did she die of an allergic reaction to the vaccine? Or something else? Her bravery in confronting this issue is commendable and I applaud her courage and determination. 

This is the second installment of EWTN's documentary: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. It narrates the life and works of Simone de Beauvoir and Alfred Charles Kinsey. "By the fruits you will know them"–you will see how rotten and evil the foundations of the sexual revolution (culminating with the gender ideology)

I urge you to watch this long but important video. It is, however, very confronting and disturbing in places. 

Today, we are plagued by many lies, injustices and things that are beyond belief to decent people. 

If we do not stop the outrageous assault on our children, we have failed. This has gone on too long. 

Our classrooms and libraries are filled with things that no child should see, read or hear. 

If we want to heal our world, let's start with looking after our little ones. 

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