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We are all thrilled to know that President Trump is still fighting back against the corruption and the disaster that has overwhelmed America as a Nation and he is still determined to be a leader in world affairs.  It is gratifying to hear him say that he has not given up.

But is he trying to breathe life into a dead parrot that is an ex-parrot, dead. deceased and has simply fallen off its perch in a fit of despair, depression and ultimately, an untimely death. Or, does his candidacy suggest the death of the opposition to commonsense? Is he about to deliver the death knell to the leftists?

I wonder. Either way, this will be a battle to the finish. Make no mistake. 

You need only watch Monty Python's "The Holy Grail " or "The Meaning of Life ""Life of Brian "or the multitude of sketches they churned out each week in their Flying Circus to see the tragedy and foolishness of the satire that modern politics - globally - has become. Indeed, many of the classic Python pieces show remarkable insight into the complete comic tragedy our modern world has become.

Don't get me wrong, I am a fiercely loyal Trumptard. 
But the corruption of 2020 and the corruption of the mid-term elections earlier this month show that even the fittest and ablest are not able to survive the virus of infected elections and, well, dead parrots flying off to vote.  
Only Florida survived the bloodbath that infected the other states. Why? Because Ron de Santis FIXED the voting and stopped the ability to cheat. His popularity was a factor, absolutely. But he stopped fraud in its tracks.
Florida witnessed an HONEST election. Simple as that. Had other states done the same, we would be living in an entirely different time right now.
Unfortunately, I fear that other parts of America and other countries around the world are seeing what lies in our future. And it is not pretty. How they must wish that they had done what de Santis did. 
 But they did not.  
How to return a dead parrot springs to mind. Because, in effect, we have been sold a dead parrot and we have a snowball's hope in hell of getting a refund. The pet shop owner can say all he or she wants, the bottom line is that voters got a dead parrot and ( on a side note) I wonder if Elon Musk is feeling the same way.
Because, for myself, if I had a lazy $45 billion odd dollars, there is no way I would buy a bluebird.  Particularly one that only shrieks from the same leftist book of off notes and missed notes -  and won't let me sing from my hymn book of values. But I digress. Again. So, back to my thoughts for the day. 
Now that Trump has announced his candidacy, I am deeply worried that the Dead Parrot Skit 2022 version is already being written. 


Sorry about the greek subtitles but the others I looked at wouldn't let me include them in the article.

When we try to return it, we can complain all we want. We can gripe until we are " blue in the face."  But there is a no refund policy and that is that.

Have we got "  the Black Knight "  in Trump? Legless and totally defeated, yet still denying defeat? 

Who could forget the scene where the French mock King Arthur? Because I am worried that the Deep State and the Swamp are still saying "I fart in your general direction!". 

Politics in general has shown us that the current situation is a satire of Pythonesque proportions; a story of exaggerated absurdity and underwhelming cowardice.
We have global leaders like Biden, Albanese, Sunak and the WEF kiddies ( Trudeau, Macron and Ardern ) banging a coconut and expecting us to believe that they are really riding white chargers  fighting Climate Change, the wicked nasty and evil Putin ( who, in my opinion, is one of the only sane ones left in the world. )
Yet the bottom line is that we voters have been sold a dead parrot and the prospect of a refund, under their stewardship, is pretty remote.
No matter what, the bottom line is that we have a dead parrot and we may get to keep the cage.  
Think about it.   
Perhaps we like this ending better? Watch this response from the late great Margaret Thatcher. When she was talking about progressive politics.   
I am hoping that Trump is about to get things back on track. 
The Iron Lady sure knew how to get the lefties to fall off their perches. Let us hope that Trump will have the same guts that she displayed. 

Trump always, says, " The Best is Yet to Come. " Let us hope that he is right. 


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