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As children, many of us read the story of the Emperor with new clothes. It was a tale about a man who walked around stark naked and the courtiers and sychophants all said amazing things about his fantastic new clothes.

Written by Hans Christen Andersen, a couple of swindlers pretending to be weavers make a special outfit for the emperor. They tell the emperor and all of his minions and followers that the clothes are invisible to people who are stupid or too dumb to see. No one can see the clothing, but no one wants to say it because they don't want to tell the truth for fear of being ridiculed themselves. Or worse still, punished. 

So everyone proclaimed that they were the finest weave, the most wonderful colours and were so incredible that only an Emperor or Leader was fit to wear them.

As I watch Sleepy Joe aka Hidin Biden stagger and blagger, mumble and stumble, I cannot understand why this fairytale keeps jumping into my mind. Really, I can't. 

I hear the MSM swoon and gasp, watch them thank him for his wisdom and see them just about falling over each other to line up and be first to tell him how refreshing it is to finally have a leader who speaks for the People, I see the picture of the Emperor standing at court, making a complete twit of himself and no one is honest enough to say " actually mate, you're in the nuddie. "

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For Biden is exactly that: totally exposed. All the ear pieces, tele prompters and aides and " Doctor Jill's " in the world cannot hide Hiden Biden from the truth. He is naked and exposed to be ridiculed and become an object of embarrassment to the American Nation. 

In the old fairy story, the Emperor was finally exposed by a child. 

A little kid who looked at him and declared that the Emperor was in the nuddie and not wearing a stitch. The people opened their eyes and admitted to themselves what they had always known: that the Emperor was a foolish old twit who should have been sent off to the old Emperor's home years ago.

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 The moral of the story of the Emperor with New Clothes is threefold: 

If you see the truth, speak your mind

Get evidence to substantiate your claim

Kids tell the truth ( mostly, unless they just broke Granma's precious vase or got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.)

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I saw a little girl at the local supermarket this morning when I went shopping with Redhead. The little lass was maybe 4 years old. She was walking with her Mum and older sister, as they did their grocery shop. The whole time that we were there, the little girl was singing " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star " over and over again. She was moving in rhythm to the music she was creating. 

I smiled.

I said to Redhead " when is it that we, as people, stop doing that? Just happy to walk around singing? What makes us suddenly stop singing in public? "

She said " when we realise that it makes us look foolish. "

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I cannot remember when it happened, but happen it did. As it did to most children who woke up one day and just KNEW that singing in public, walking through a supermarket, made us look a little " silly. "

Poor Joe Biden, the " President " of the United States of America, seems to have forgotten that life experience lesson: He seems oblivious to the fact that he looks and sounds foolish.

So do his MSM court minions and his staff members. 

One day, people will start to wake up and see that the weavers of lies have created a fabric of lies and, for all their applause and gushing praise, the Emperor's new clothes are about as real as the invisible ink being used to pen his Executive orders.


One day, somewhere,  some little kid is going to turn to his or her parents and say " that man is a fool. "

Let it be sooner, rather than later. 

Because right now, I suspect his star is no longer twinkling but already going out. My worry is that he will take us all out with him. 

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