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Of late, we seem to be living in a world of superlatives. 

Unprecedented this, disastrous that, once in a lifetime events and the beginning of the new " normal. " 

We are being brainwashed into thinking that the end of the world is nigh, unless we freeze to death and give all our money and our land to the climate gods.

It seems to me that sanity and commonsense have left the building and most people don't even realise that the real bombshell has already hit.

In fact, during a recent  " unprecedented weather bomb " in South East Queensland, Australia, I received several concerned emails from friends asking if I was OK. Apparently, I was in the middle of a catastrophic weather event and I was in danger of being swept away in the floodwaters of climate change chaos.

I got up from my computer and looked out the window. It was drizzling and the odd skiff of rain had come through, but nothing to write home about. 

I replied that all was good and that we had about 25 mm of rain but that I had gone shopping with Redhead and the roads were a bit damp. That was all. 

But I am essentially an optimistic person.

Nothing to worry about. Yet, when I turned on the TV or read the online news, I was apparently facing a deluge of Biblical proportions.

Seriously, who is running the weather bureau these days? Kids on work experience?

Well, of course, ( you know me, I have a pretty vivid imagination ) I started to ponder what Noah would do in such circumstances.

His weather forecaster in chief, God, had warned him that things were about to get very damp indeed and that he should build a boat. 

God had seemingly had enough of the folly of mankind being in charge of his company, and had decided to fire the entire board, buy out the shareholders and start again from scratch.

So God sent a text to Noah and told him to prepare for the upcoming mass sacking. 

I suppose it could be called insider trading, but Noah only owned one share so I cannot really imagine he stood to gain financially.

In fact, he was told to build a boat and fund it from his own pocket. 

Not just any boat, you understand. But what God called an Ark. And it would be a whopper.

In fact, it would have to be big enough to house two animals of each species so that, when he made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights, there would be the opportunity to start again.

After all, things had not been going well on Earth of late and God had said " OK, enough is enough. "

Or, as someone many decades ago said " Everyone! Out of the pool! "

Of course, Noah had a reasonably easy brief to follow: one male, one female of every species and he would be good to go.

But today, how would Noah have built the Ark? After all, he would have needed a few mates.

Environmental agencies would have told him that he could not use gopher wood or cypress because it might be on the protected species list. Or very expensive and, due to shipping problems and the high cost of transportation, impossible for him to get delivered on time.

And of course, Russia and Trump would have been in the mix. 

Noah would,  sure as faith, not have been able to build it in his driveway because of local by-laws. 

And the fees he would have to have paid for a building permit?  

But the biggest concern would be the problem of the two by two. 

Now it would have to be one of the 76 classifications so as to be inclusive. 

Sorry guys. Not that kind of Rainbow..... 

All I can say is, that in the immortal words uttered in " Jaws ", " I think you need a bigger boat. " 

I think we are at a Noah moment in world history.

The flood of migrants is overwhelming. 

The rising sea waters of diversity, political correctness and critical race theory are already drowning us. 

The deluge of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and minority activists are reaching tsunami levels.

The weather forecasters are seeing the gathering storm clouds but ignoring the real storm building: that of the People who, this time around, who will not see Noah build the Ark on his own. For we will be there with him. 

When the real bomb drops, this time around, I suspect that the Ark will be smaller. 

So many will have perished in the floodwaters of the vaccine mandates

Who will have a seat? 

I can guarantee it will not be Joe Biden. He would be wandering around trying to find an usher. 

People like Jacinda Ardern, Trudeau and Macron will already be in their bunkers hoping that the waterproof membrane holds up to the real approaching storm: the wrath of the People.

Who, I believe, have God on their side. 



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