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It is a funny thing. Ever since we were children, we had an eye on the prize. The balloon, the Christmas present, the bike or toy we had always wanted. 

During the clot shot years, people had their eye on the balloon: that overseas trip that they could not take if they were not vaccinated. The job they needed to feed their families. 

Many people didn't listen to the words because they were too busy looking at the reward that they would get for being compliant.

And, too often, the words were weasel words. They were not honest. They were full of lies, treachery and deceit. 

I recently watched a video put together by persons unknown. Whoever they are, thank you. 

In one short video, they exploded the myth of informed consent for children. 

How can little ones understand informed consent when it comes to gender reassignment surgery; sex with adults or for taking an injection; that notion is a nonsense. 

A nonsense.

How many young people got the jab because they were offered a prize?

A slice of pizza? A chance to save Grandma or Grandpa?

The ability to save the world? 

Their eyes were on the prize: the metaphoric balloon that was essentially full of hot air and nothing more than an empty promise when it finally popped.

The smiling Doctors and Nurses who danced and told us to save the world with one tiny little pinprick.

So many became Comfortably Numb. 

And comfortably Dumb. 

The promise of a small pin prick would take the pain and fear away. 

Life would go back to normal. Only, they did not realise that normal was now an illusion that was being peddled by the spin Doctors and that the promise of normal was already broken, the very moment it was made. 

For those of us who did not fall for the pinprick, we were castigated and alienated. Shunned. 

So when I stumbled on this video, made to actually speak the truth, I had to wonder. 

How many who got jabbed were too busy looking at the prize to even listen to the words? Even if they had been spoken truthfully?

Here it is. The short video that will say more than I ever could. 

 Following is the transcript.

Five and a half. Oh, that's great.

Because the FDA said that anybody five years old and older can get this shot.

Thank you for being so brave and helping keep your family and your friends safe and for doing your part.

You'll get this beautiful balloon as a treat, but what do you think about that? I like it. Pretty nice balloon.

First, I need to explain a few things to get your informed consent. Is that okay?

Yeah. Great.

First, this treatment is an experimental gene therapy which contains formaldehyde, mercury, aborted, fetal tissue and synthetic mRNA.

It has never been tried in human beings before. Is that OK with you? Yes.

Next, I need to inform you that there are possible side effects.

These side effects, Julie, include heart attacks, stroke, blindness, anaphylaxis, miscarriage, convulsions, seizures, transverse myelitis and blood clots.

Is that okay? Do you understand? Yes.

I also need to inform you that these injections do not prevent infection or transmission, and they only can reduce symptoms. Do you understand? Great.

Finally, you need to know that the software that is being installed into your body induces a long lived antibody response which actually competes with your natural immune system and makes you more vulnerable to other diseases. This changes permanently. Do you understand? Yes. Great.

So now that I have your informed consent, here's the balloon as we promised, we are ready to help you save lives with this injection. I have to let you know that the FDA has not approved this injection and that the manufacturers are not liable if you become sick or ill from this injection. Do you understand? Here we go.

As people all over the world suffer heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and myocarditis; women suffer the tragedy of miscarriage; people fall from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome; I cannot help but wonder:

Was the prize worth it?



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