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One day, I took my late Dad for a drive in the country. He was 87 years old at that time. He passed at 89.

It was on a mountain top.  A small mountain but Dad rather liked it. And so did I. 

It was about 10 years ago. 

Dad and I looked out across and we saw the sea. We saw the vast expanse that was the Coral Sea and having imagined the Pacific Ocean beyond. .and we looked at it and said " we fought for this. "

Yes, he did. And lest we forget this. 

I can still see it now..


My father and me sitting, on a  timber bench, with hardly a sound from anywhere.

No wind, no chorus of voices from social media.

There was a silence founded on common love. 


There were a few words spoken. But not many. 

Later, we spoke about war. Life. The Universe. 

Pretty much Everything.

But really, it was an afternoon of silence. 

As we sat, together on that timber bench, we looked out upon OUR world. 

I  still have that memory in my mind.

Dad passed away not long after.

I remember that day with my father. I remember him looking out on his world ( not THE world ) and I remember when we sat, together, and gazed upon our world and Dad said " It looks lovely. "  

And, yes, it did. 







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