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I have a young friend who has just been committed to a psych unit - as I call it, a looney bin.

He is very very nervous. He speaks with himself and has illusions of grandeur. He is on a cocktail of drugs, all prescribed by his " HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL ". 

It has become too difficult to cope with for the family and he has been sent to a place that no one likes to go. His civil liberties have been removed and he is now subject to " assessment "

 It is something that I find rather puzzling.  

This young man is in his twenties, All it took was a signature on a piece of paper and off to the crazy ward you go.

So my mind, of course, went on to the most celebrated practitioners of chatting with invisible people, chatting with dead people and being the recipient of a cocktail of prescription medicines and I wonder. How the hell is my young friend carted off to the looney bin and this man is running the United States of America?


My young friend is unhappy. He is troubled. 

But he is not running the FREE WORLD!

I accept that my young man is a few bob short of a quid, but how can he be committed for mental assessment and the President of the United States of America is stumbling around like a drunken sailor and all the White House does is circle back and reassure us that all is well. We are in safe hands.

Give me a break!

My young man is merely troubled. Annoying at times, perhaps. He often says things that are not all that flash.

But he is not running America and not the leader of the free world.


Why is it that my dear young friend is locked up and this maniac is stumbling free to wreak havoc on the entire world?

I do not deny that my chum is not " himself. " He is in a wealth of pain.

But all that has happened is that he has been locked away and removed from society in order to "keep himself and others safe."

It almost seems a shame that he had a family who committed him and the President of the United States has committed us to his insanity.

Quite frankly, I think I would prefer to have my young friend in charge right now - at least, in his utterings, he said that President Trump was the Saviour of the World. "

Is this what it takes to get committed these days? 

I have to wonder.

In the meantime, put your listening ears on and wait for the next press release from the man who is President of the United States. 

After all, he is stumbling free and my young friend is locked up.

Who, seriously, is mad?

And why is this man running the Free World?











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