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Joe Biden, President of The Disunited States of America has gone past being an embarrassment. He is now actually a laughing stock and a danger to the country and the world as a whole. 

As his presidency wanders aimlessly through the fog of advanced dementia, we all watch in horror and perverse amusement as he goes from one disastrous public performance to another.  

In fact he is so far gone, I wonder if he is setting up a snack plate and making room for cheese that comes from the moon. It would not surprise me. 

 In fact, his handlers are probably already doing it as we speak. 


Spelling error not mine. Could be Joe... 

It is no secret that Joe Biden has caused enormous damage to his own reputation as former Vice President and current president of the United States of America. It is no secret that Joe Biden has a son who has caused enormous damage to the reputation of the Biden family and to his Nation as well. Hunter Biden, the " Where's Waldo " of the scandal over the Ukraine, Burisma Holdings and his drug addiction and abandoned laptop.  

No, the Biden family have nothing to be worried about as the world descends into chaos because of their ties to one horrific scandal after another. And we dare not speak of allegations of lewd sexual perversions from father and son. 

And we must never mention a certain diary... heavens, no. 

Much like the fear of criticising the Clintons: after all, no one wants to be arkancided. 

I often think that Creepy Joe went from  VICE President to president ... of vice.

But surely not. I would never suggest such a terrible thing. I take that wicked thought back. 

The sniffing Joe memes are everywhere. 

His preoccupation with sniffing hair, sniffing children and generally sniffing everything and everyone is legendary. In fact, sniffing Joe is one sneeze short of a clotshot when it comes to sniffing.


 He is muddling along the presidency leaving a swathe of shame, embarrassment and incredulation. 

Who could forget the speech about his hairy legs and cockroaches. Oh, for crying out loud, how long will this rubbish go on before someone gives Uncle Joe a sedative and tells him to go and have a little lie down? Oh wait, they do that every day don't they? 

The following video was made, so cleverly, by a Dutch dude by the name of Sven Stoffels, a very gifted and amazing illustrator and video maker.

It uses the exact words spoken by creepy Uncle Joe and Sven just popped up the video.... if you doubt me, check out the actual video footage.


But wait, it gets worse. 

Since those early days on the campaign trail, Creepy Joe has fallen over, stumbled, walked around like a little lost child and generally humiliated America with every word, step, stumble and mumble.


He actually makes Admiral Benson of Hot Shots fame look positively competent.

 And that is without going into the Speaker of the House.


 Of course, the laughing hyena that is the Vice President is not much better. The border Czar who cackles and shrieks and delivers inane speeches that are so full of word salads that you don't ever want to eat your greens again is beyond a joke. 

 In fact, the more I think about it. America is being run by the modern day Three Stooges. Particularly where crime is concerned. 

 Or Abbott and Costello ( when they sound like they are arguing with Sleepy Joe ) 

 Actually, the more I think about it, I feel sorry for the MSM reporters who ask the president some questions.  No one knows Who is on first, but we sure as hell know it isn't America.

If the mid-terms do not reclaim the once great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I fear that we will have become a Looney Tunes world. Mind you Trump does a pretty good job of being the Roadrunner against the Coyote that is the demoncRats presidency. 

 Oh, for the love of God, when you vote in the mid terms, please please, take America back from the abyss and save us from the living hell of the Looney Tunes reality. 

After all, it was funny when it was a cartoon. Now, not so much.  

We need Trump back in the Whitehouse, and the first step to that is the midterms. We need State Governors who share his patriotism. We need School Boards, Senators and Citizens to step up and say " Who's on first?  We are! " 

Put word salads in the picnic basket and put meat back on the table.

Put cheese back on the menu, but made from grass fed cows on planet Earth.

And put the power back where it belongs: in the hands of the People, not the globalists who seek to switch it off.

There will be too many grim winters ahead if we do not stop it now. 

It is time to take back the asylum. 

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