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This is such a cliche, yet today, it is more true than ever before. I have been asking myself a lot these days " why do our governments and media want to divide us? ". All I can think of is that through division we will fall into disarray and become weak.  What astonishes me is how easy it has been for " them " to carry out their mission. But I keep coming back to our  old mates " who " , " what " "where " "when " and most importantly " why "

We all know that it is our political and bureaucratic elite, teamed up with the mainstream media, who are the " who  ".

We know that the " when " started a few years ago: the birth of the gay rights movement, legalised abortion and the dreaded " Family Court " where parental rights were bartered and traded by embittered parents hell bent on seeking revenge AT ALL COSTS. Even if it meant destroying the happiness and future well being of the children.



The " what " happened when we signed up to these global accords like the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Human Rights accords and started appointing Human Rights Commissioners. People who want to


And boy, are they doing a good job. 

We are no longer recognisable as the nations that created the railways, the industrial revolution and brought the world to prosperity, wealth and emancipation from perpetual slavery.

Instead, we are descending into poverty and a new form of slavery: that of the victimhood of guilt.

We are constantly told to feel guilty for being white. Guilty if we are black but do not feel victimised by white supremacy. Guilty for being female or male instead of being homosexual, transgender or non gender or in love with a unicorn of non binary non horn rendering non horse like form that may or may not be a horse in the first place.

GUILT. Our world is preoccupied with guilt. 


Where is it happening?

Well everywhere. All over the world. You do not dare to buck the system anymore. You must follow the narrative and wear a mask, stay at home, embrace diversity and delight in men marrying men and women marrying women and interracial marriage because, heaven forbid that a white man falls in love with a white woman and a black man falls in love with a black woman. 


We must immerse ourselves in the melting pot of racial integration and allow men to chest feed and children to be brought up by pedophiles because " love knows no boundaries. "

This New World Order for which the left are so proud asks us - no DEMANDS  yet asks us to discard all of our Conservative and Christian values so that we can embark on a new voyage. A voyage into the unknown.

Where men are not men, women are not women, children are prey and science is no longer an open debate but a closed argument for which the outcome is settled.

It is no longer the right thing to do to question because we are told that the science agrees. 



Gallileo argued that the earth moved around the sun and that the moon circulated around the planet earth. He was accused of heresy and was put under house arrest and that was it for Gallileo.

How do we know that Science, as put forward by Flannery, Fauci and the Farkwhatis fools is heresy or hearsay? 

We no longer know.

Truth is becoming a scarce commodity in our brave new world. It is becoming like the unicorn horn that we hope exists or are forbidden to actually see anymore because our masters have decreed that it is too dangerous for us to know.

For myself, I do not believe that Truth is a Unicorn horn. However, it brings me to question the idea of that entire mythical beast: that TRUTH is becoming a myth and, over a period of time, will become a fairy story that we simply disregard and accept was never real in the first place.



If sufficient lies are told, perhaps truth becomes an illusion and the illusion becomes the truth?

In conclusion, I must ask our 6th wise man " why ?"

Why are our leaders, politicians, bureaucrats and media seemingly hell bent on destroying our countries, our cultures and our futures? Why?



Could it possibly be because of paper bags, money and pay for power?

Something is wrong. Very wrong. Throughout the world. 

All I can think of is that Gallileo was onto something:

To use an analogy, the world does not revolve around them, and, if we can step up and stop them, then maybe, just maybe, we can stop the spiral that is out of control whereby we are going to hurl into the sun and self destruct.

Australian politicians seem to be showing very clearly what the democratic system is all about. pretending to be the rule of voters, until voters want something else that the rulers don't want.


The only way we can do this is to stop playing by their rules.

We can do this by uniting, supporting each other and being part of the family that is us.

As someone said today on a forum I belong to, our politicians are fixing everything until it is broken. 

We have to stop them from fixing our society because, if they keep fixing it, it will be broken beyond help.

 I like the way we used to be.


 Can we get some support?

Or are we too broken already?

Our votes no longer mean anything.  Between Dominion voting machines and preferential voting, it is all skewed to the two major parties.

The minor parties will not create an alliance. 

Maybe the only way is for a Eureka moment? Or are we still a penal colony and still in chains?




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