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Three years ago, we saw President Trump make a massive fuss of Australia. Now, while I was flattered, I could not help but ask myself “ Why? “ Considering the Prime Minister of India, Mr Modi, was also in America at the very same time, why was Australia so honoured?

The Trump/ PM Modi  joint Rally attracted 50,000 adoring fans and Trump applauded India’s Sovereign borders policy and talked of the Islamic threat. No doubt referencing the Pakistan Islamic militancy and the August revocation of Article 370 . in relation to Kashmir, a much disputed area important to Pakistan, India and China. It seemed that Trump was implying support  for India in this decision.

Is it finally Showtime?

India and Pakistan have been playing silly buggers over Kashmir since 1949. Kashmir is the geographical and political lifeline of Pakistan, flow of trade to China and water to Pakistan.

Pakistan and India are and will continue to be at flashpoint over Kashmir and, without the military might of China, Pakistan would be easily overcome by the Indian military. An economic victory might be a better solution to a nuclear one and be more palatable to the global community.

When former cricketer Imran Khan became Leader of Pakistan, he led his nation to bankruptcy due to the massive indebtedness to China.  

Like the so many of the small Pacific Nations, Pakistan owes its soul to the company store, as the old song goes, and China stands like the drug dealer waving a cheque book full of drugs to desperately addicted Nations.  Money is their drug. 

India, which has such the 5th largest reserves of coal in the world wanted to import Australian coal. The issue is that many of their reserves are under land that is built on and secondly, that it would cost a fortune to install the infrastructure such as rail to transport the coal from the mines to where it is needed. It is simply cheaper to import.


China has a slightly higher population than India - both Nations coming in at around 1.3 billion people. Surely a relationship with India would be better for Australia than that we currently have with China? We are both Commonwealth Nations, both speak English and both Democracies.

In terms of Military might, one should not forget that India has the 4th most powerful military in the world, coming in under USA, Russia and China.

An alliance between India and USA would be highly advantageous on so many levels – trade, militarily and geographically. In fact, India could replace China in terms of importation of manufactured goods to America… and to Australia.

Meanwhile, in waters closer to Australia, China has been flexing its muscles in the South China Sea and busily building “ atolls”  – and claiming ownership of them.  On September 2nd of 2019, the first ASEAN-US Maritime Exercise (AUMX) between the regional bloc and America lasted for five days. The hotly disputed area around the Spratly Islands challenged the central area which is International Waters and open for the passage of ships to and from the area. With China building airfields, troop accommodation, ports and other infrastructure on these man made atolls, they are claiming ownership of this area – which also has VAST oil and natural gas reserves. 

Since then, things have changed dramatically. China now has control of the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Tonga. 

So this brings me back to Australia. A country that is in the middle of a region that is being bought by China and it is in itself in danger of passing the point of no return when it comes to that drug dealers metaphoric cheque book.

With our Universities catering to the needs of Chinese students; our reliance on Chinese trade; our leasing and sale of our agricultural land and strategic infrastructure to China is alarming.

In the old days, when sanity reigned in Trump’s Whitehouse, trade war with China continued to wreak havoc on China’s economy, Australia could seemingly be left up the creek without a paddle. In truth China is as dependent on Australia as Australia is on China. And that MUST change. 

Australia is the Pacific ally that Trump wanted to keep on side. But if


Trump valued Australia because China values and valued it.  

By Trump highlighting Australia at the same time as honouring India, he sent a very clear message to China: America was in charge and China had better pull its head in. No wonder the left wanted him gone. And they did a pretty good job. 

Australia could have easily replaced most of its trade with China by entering in to new agreements with India.

We could also have replaced our cruel Indonesian Cattle export with a kinder importation to the USA …

Trump was and still is better at the Art of the Deal than anyone else will ever be. No wonder they fear him. 

Today, we face China. We face the Russian / Ukraine debacle. We face horrific winters of unaffordable energy in the northern hemishere. We are staring down the gun barrel of incomprehensible fallout from side effects from Covid vaccinations.

We are looking into the eyes of hunger, food shortages and civil liberties being further stripped.

We are facing the violation of normality and the incomprehensible invasion of of sanity, yes, sanity, by those that tell us that WE are insane for believing that men are men and women are women and that babies are babies - not collections of cells called fetuses.

Three short years ago, we had a sane LEADER in Washington. Today, the so called free world is nothing more than a joke. with a delusional fool strutting about and stumbling over every word and talking about little girls.

No wonder China and Russia are laughing at the West. 

And the only other people I see laughing are the politicians, beaurocrats and celebrities who tell us to own less and be happy.

Within my circle of friends, family and acquaintences, I do not see anyone laughing. 

In fact, all I can see is despair, frustration and a terrible resolve to survive.

In short, those of us who still think with rational objectivity, are trying to think how we can survive and overcome this theft of our lives. We, across the world, are pinning all of our hopes on the midterm elections in America.

If the corruption overcomes justice, I fear that 1776 will look like a kiddies tea party. 

If necessary, bring it on. 

The Mid Terms are the modern Crossing of the Delaware and, in my home country of Australia, it will be a second Eureka moment.

When the People say " enough!. "





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