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Queensland and other parts of Australia are overrun with Cane Toads. They have destroyed so much of Australian agriculture and people have forgotten how they arrived in the first place.

In 1935, the toads were not native to the country and they were brought in to control the population of beetles that were damaging sugar cane crops. However, rather than doing good, the cane toads became the first invasive species to be introduced deliberately in the state and they became pests.

Rather than solve the problem, they became a problem.

Like so many species, introducing new species into a foreign land does not always work out that way.

The Cane Toad, rather than becoming salvation, became a new pest. A new nuisance. A pestilence that spread and has become out of control. It kills native wildlife and decimates much within its path as it spreads throughout our nation.


Three thousand of them were released into the sugar cane plantations of Northern Queensland. It was an experiment and the experts didn’t predict that the toads would become pests rather than saviours. The toads failed to control the population of beetles because the bugs evaded cane toads by living on the tops of the sugar canes instead of the roots. 


Today, experts estimate that there are more than 200 million cane toads in Australia. 

Don't you just love the wisdom of the "experts" ...

Since 1935, the government has been trying to figure out how to get rid of the problem. Since the introduction of the cane toads in 1935, it has been extremely difficult to curb their growth and effects on the flora and fauna of the country.

The experiment is also a reminder that proper research and measures need to be done and taken before introducing any foreign species. Cane toads became an invasive species that is hard to control even in 2021.


Why do our governments have so many OOPS moments?

They introduce foreign species and, when the experiment goes wrong they say " OOPS " and they appoint "experts " to fix the problem that they created in the first place.

In the meantime, we have people who defend the introduction of foreigners into our country and suggest, most vehemently that they are poor souls who need our understanding. 

Apparently, these Cane Toads, introduced by dim witted governments and dim witted experts, are killing our agricultural industry and are overtaking our homes.

But we are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Here is my story of the way the government wishes to see our " cane toad invasion. " 

After they introduce a foreign species And it goes bugger up, we are supposed to feel sorry for the imported pest.



Read it and weep. 
















And so ends my story of imports who come to our countries and the lesson to be learned. 

If only they had never congregated under our lamp posts. And if only we could do what we used to do.... 


 It worries me that the Cane Toads are out of control...



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