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I miss my little Jack Russell.   A member of my family suggested that I look for another little Jack. I cannot do it. 

My heart is still too full of grief to even contemplate a new companion.  Not to mention that I am 90 years old and I am not necessarily able to do all of the things that I used to do with my old friend who passed away a few short months ago.

My little Jack Russell aged with me. We grew old together. As his knees became a bit stiff, so did mine. 

How could I possibly take care of another dog? 

I miss my young friend and companion. His voice in the middle of the night when I wake up and look for his comforting presence in my room.   His voice telling me he needs to go outside.   His reassuring lick or tail wagging when I needed him most.
I miss him. It is as simple as that. 

But can I replace him? No.    That is like saying that you miss your late husband and responding to an advertisement for a new loved one in your life.   It does not work that way.

I remember writing this particular paragraph over 2 years ago   
"There is a crow outside at the moment , he has spotted my little Jack Russell's breakfast  and is teasing him by crowing and  dancing around wanting to sample some of the breakfast goodies.   Of course knowing what little Jacks are like,  they enjoy this game .    He is guarding the  food and chasing the crow.  He will eat his food shortly   but in between times this is fun.   This is another example of  normal everyday living, what would we do without our pets.   "
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photo for dramatic purposes only. Her garden is much prettier. And her little Jack is a bit more " comfortable " 
 I remember when I was able to keep some semblance  of everyday normal life.  The daily walk to the beach in my case, the preparing of his mince and vegs  , the chicken necks separated and put down in the freezer  for future use.   Unfortunately, those days of walks on the beach are gone. 
At least I have the memory of some things that can be enjoyed.     Walking our dog, laughing at the antics of the crow who loved to tease my faithful Jack.   Admiring the little baby next door who was just about to start to crawl,   ( now an active young fellow who rides his bike when he is out with his mother ) 
I am like everyone else, we prayed for the day when we would be free and could once again do what we used to do and go where we were CHOSE to go.   
Like my little Jack.
I don't know if that day has arrived yet. 
Have we lost our Terrier spirit?

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