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Perhaps today, more than ever, we are being confronted with a barrage of injustices that challenge our ability to cope. As individuals and as a society. So much is making us angry, frustrated and wanting to cry out with indignation " it's not fair! "

Yet the left are yelling " Off with their heads! " 

One calamity after another.... like living through a constant barrage on our senses and our sense of fair play and justice. Many people around the world are at an emotional breaking point. Yet we, from the rational right, are not advocating violence.  As the left do repeatedly.

In centuries past, life was unfair for just about everyone. Even a King or Queen who seemingly wielded unlimited power soon discovered that you could lose your head if you upset the wrong people. Taking sides was a dangerous affair, particularly if you happened to pick the wrong side. Rewards could be great - a new estate, riches and wealth beyond imaginings. But if you backed the wrong team, you could lose everything, including your life.

The Art of picking the right side was sometimes down to the flip of a coin. Or the acceptance or refusal of 30 coins.... 


There were kings and kingmakers. Power brokers worked through churches and in the courts of royalty, hatching plots, gaining backers and plotting intrigues. Women used their charm to snare a King and, when she failed to deliver him a son and heir would quickly be dispatched so he could replace her with someone who might have a better chance of breeding.

Just look at Catherine of Aragon,  first wife of King Henry VIII who, despite her best endeavours, failed in her duty to bring forth a male child. I admire her in many ways, because she kept her head and therefore didn't lose her head. 

Unlike Anne Boleyn who failed to see that sometimes keeping quiet was the best way to stay alive. 


Ironically, these two women inadvertently brought about the birth of the Church of England and the dissolution of the monasteries: Henry wanted rid of Catherine so could marry Anne and the only way to do it was to start a new religion.

Enter Thomas Cromwell, the man who sorted it all out for the love-sick KIng. Elevated to enormous power, Cromwell managed to pull off the seemingly impossible: the King got what he wanted and managed to make a healthy bunch of cash at the same time. 

The previously enormously powerful Catholic Church in England was stripped of its wealth and its power. All because Henry wanted a son. Poor old Henry never did manage to get his wish for a male heir.


And Thomas Cromwell lost his head after failing to sort out an annulment with Henry's fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. The reason for the annulment? Henry didn't think she was pretty enough.

Cromwell was executed for not doing his job.  

Oh dear. Moving on....

Henry's two daughters, Queen Mary - from his marriage to Catherine and Queen Elizabeth I from his marriage to Anne, became powerful figures in English history. 

One was more passionate and patriotic than the other. And the people knew it.

The only difference is that we are now able to see what is going on behind the scenes and realise that nothing is really about what is being " sold" to us publically.


England and the world got a new church because some horny King wanted a new wife.  

If one man can create a new Church in order to get a divorce, then I suspect it is not that far-fetched to imagine that we are being sold a lie when it comes to things like a virus and a vaccine.

Minority rights. White oppression. Abortion. Masks. Vaccine mandates. Stolen elections. Media lies. The theft of our schools and the introduction of wokeism.

If, back in 16th century England, one man could bring down the Catholic Church and change the law because he wanted a new wife, is it that much of a stretch to argue that the removal of Trump, the theft of our elections, the manipulations of our rights could equally be done today in the 21st century? With technology, computers and a vastly changed communication network?

Our outrage at being lied to, cheated and stripped of our basic human dignity is falling on deaf ears. because they DON'T CARE what we say.


Line up, take your poison or it is off with your head. But, chances are, even if we comply, we will end up with the same fate regardless.

So we tread carefully and it is wise to do so, if we value our heads.


They want to disarm us, dilute our ability to fight back. Take our money and homes and redistribute our hard-earned assets to those that will vote for them. 

And, once the Man at the top has what he wants, it will be off with our heads and the heads of the minions who placed him on the " throne ".

That is the way it works and has worked since recorded history began.

When America fought the Revolutionary War it was with muskets and the blood of fierce and angry people who hated the King who was enforcing HIS WILL on them. 

When Oliver Cromwell stormed Parliament and pretty much told King Charles II  to bugger off, he set about restoring what he saw as a new Britain. 

But what, seriously, has changed? Hundreds of years later, we are still ruled by Kings. They just wear different crowns and wear different name tags. 

Everything that is happening today is about dividing and conquering.


  • Divide us by sex and gender and sexual identity.
  • Divide us by race.
  • Divide us by political persuasion.
  • Divide us as pro vaccine or anti vaccine.
  • Divide us as families, friends, communities, nations and as a People. 
  • Maskers or anti maskers.
  • Pro Trump or anti Trump.
  • Pro border closure or anti border closure.
  • Pro migration or anti migration.
  • Pro abortion or anti abortion.
  • Pro euthanasia or anti euthanasia.
  • Pro military or anti military.
  • Electricity and coal
  • Climate change

The list is endless.

Have we truly moved on that much since the early days when people lived in the mud and bowed to the King as he went by? 


I wonder. 

I will end with this quote. 


Footnote from Monty: This article was written prior to the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

I am a great fan of Her Majesty and will mourn her loss. In my opinion, she was one of " the good ones " - her service to her Nation and the Commonwealth is and was selfless and that of a true monarch. 



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