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I woke up this morning to learn of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Of course, it was inevitable as a passing always is; but tragic and so sad when it actually happens. 

The role that she has played in my life has always been significant, albeit from a distance. Her attributes of strength, duty and morality were constants and many could reflect on her dedication and perhaps regret that they did not follow her example.

 For 70 years and 7 months, she was the ruling monarch and arguably the last of the classic era of ruling royalty. 

For those of you who remember this, I post it here with great fondness. 

My first memory of the Queen - or - as we used to call her " The Lady on the horse. " This was played at the movies every time we went as children and we would stand up for the lady on the horse before watching our favourite matinees. 



This is presumably the trailer made after the death of King George VI to mark the start of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

As the accidental Queen, she had a crash course in preparing for a role that was not at all what she had anticipated. This short video below tells the story of her early life and how becoming a monarch had not been on the agenda in her early years. 

Her Coronation in 1953 was full of splendour and I post this clip of the procession and the song that says it all.

 I hope that our love shielded you and our voices cheered you.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II 


I have updated this article by adding a comment from one of our readers, cinerama.

"I remember when I was in Primary school, sometimes the older teachers would accidently say "God save the King" It sounded so strange and as Elbow said Elizabeth II is the only Monarch most Australians have known.
Today, King Charles the III, to me, does not sound strange as it was clear the Queens health was rapidly going down hill.
Unfortunately, the Royal family had been carrying on their own merry way for many years with the worst of it coming to light recently.
I was a closet Royalist but on seeing the Queen sitting by herself wearing a mask at her husbands funeral indicated to me, the Monarchy was merely a propergander arm of the ruling elite, Again confirmed by the Governor Generals inaction on the Covid psyops.
I think our sadness is a reflection on the shortness and fragility of our own lives.
The head shrinkers say, when a close family member dies we go into shock which allows the human body to cope with the massive grief yet when a family dog of pet dies we cry even more.
I think the later applies to the Queen "


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