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Have a look at the graphic below and ask yourself: are you in an abusive relationship with your Government?

If you are like me, I decided that I answered " yes " too many times and I want a divorce.

15 signs that should concern you:

1. Play the victim. If things go wrong, it's your fault

2. Stop you seeing your friends and family

3. Won't let you go out without permission

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4. Tell you what to wear

5  Monitor your phone or emails

6. Control the finances or won't let you work


7. Control what you watch, read and say

8. Monitor everything you do

9. Punish you for not following the rules, but the rules keep changing

10. Tell you that it is for your own good and that they know better

11. Don't allow you to question it


12. Tell you that you are crazy and that no one agrees with you

13. Call you names or shame you for being selfish or stupid

14. Gaslight you, challenge your memory of events, make you doubt yourself

15. Dismiss your opinions


Apparently according to the Workplace Mental Health Institute, we should seek help.


Great idea. Should I contact the Government? 

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