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I saw a clip from a newspaper from 1975 which quoted from the Communist Rules for Revolution in 1919. It is in itself a frightening read because it exposes the truth about what is happening over 100 years on… in almost every Western Country throughout the free world.

" Corrupt the young. Get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Make them less rugged. "

Of course, Snopes, the highly regarded vanguard of truth, decries the article as FALSE. Whew. I feel so much better now. NOT.

Who cares, these days, about Snopes? After all, truth is not what it used to be. There was a time when I saw something, I believed it to be true. But with modern CGI, I genuinely do not know anymore. 

I suppose I have to rely on something that I have counted on for a long time. In fact, my entire life.

GUT feeling.

So here is my " gut feeling " article about heroes and why I believe that a good man, a rugged man, is a gentleman - and a hero in the suburbs and the family home is as important as the hero on the battlefields of Asia, the Middle East or indeed the battlefields of America, Australia or ( heaven forbid the new name catches on for New Zealand  ) Aotearoa.


When did men turn into social media keyboard warriors and stop being men who defended their countries, their families, and their flags? 

What a mess a " me again " can make. 


When did men stop being rugged men and start being soyboys?  

Why did men stop being heroes and become zeroes?
What is a Rugged Man?

According to one online definition,

“ The Rugged Man is one who is physically masculine. He bends nature to his will by means of his brute force and has a cave-man attitude that brooks no nonsense. There is nothing subtle about the rugged man and everything in his life exists for a specific, direct purpose.”

And I stopped and thought “ hmm, now who does this remind me of? “ 


There have been many rugged men throughout modern history.

People like the Duke. 

These men, REAL men, don't suffer fools, not even gladly or ungladly. 

They are the blokes who hoisted the flag at Iwo Jima.

They are the men who landed on the beaches of Normandy, suffered in the trenches of the Somme and came home from the horrors of Vietnam, Afghanistan and so many countless " theatres of war. "

For war is theatre and any theatrical performance used to have a hero: the rugged man.

But, like all theatre, once the performance is over, the players and the audience go home to their " normal lives. "

And our everyday heroes step up to the plate once more. 

Our rugged men go to work to feed their families and they come home to kick a football or throw a ball or give a hug and kiss a wounded warrior who needs some moral support. They take time to look after their troops. 


 You see, The Rugged Man is A MAN. He is focused and is unflinchingly strong. He is unapologetically MASCULINE. No soyboy, cry baby, weepy “ I have my period and I want a latte “ here folks.

Yet we now have crying, sobbing, weak, idiotic sycophantic " men " who look to their " other selves " to find some sort of meaning in their otherwise useless and testosterone-devoid lives. 

mancrying 1024x576

Who is the man you want at your side? The one,  who has your back and looks to the front of the cave to make sure there are no saber-toothed tigers lurking outside – or the one cowering in the corner? .

The Rugged Man would slay the tiger with his bare hands and sit down afterwards and ask “ what’s for dinner? “

It does not mean a man who is a brute, uncouth or unprincipled.

Quite the opposite, The Rugged Man is the embodiment of masculinity. No wonder the Communists saw him and his brethren as the enemy to their foul regime a century ago.

If they could emasculate and disempower the menfolk, they could become the saber-toothed tiger and walk in,   select their prey and laugh as the smashed avo eaters and soy boys cowered in the corner and sobbed “ but what about the trees? The planet? “

The key points in their Communist rules for Revolution outlined the removal of guns, removal of morality and Faith; and , most importantly, the installation of FEAR.

They have been most successful, haven’t they? Men and women who fought and died in the defense of our Nations are now mocked, ridiculed, accused of all manner of crimes and the children and young follow the gurus of Green and the Lords of Lawlessness.


A job well done. But…..But.

Along came a Rugged Man and other Rugged Men who said “ No. “ They were not prepared to abandon their womenfolk, their children, their communities, their Nations. No, they were steadfast.

When I engage on social media; when I read and learn what is REALLY happening in the world, I know absolutely that the Rugged Men are still there, here and everywhere.

They look like your father, my father, your brother, your cousin, your son or your Grandfather.

They are my Dad. 

Your Dad. 

Their handsome self and their essence of who they stand or stood for.

Who is my hero? 

The man that gave life to me. 

The man who looked after my mother and ensured that we, as a family, were safe.

So my hero article today is about the Dads.

Without you, we would not exist.  

  • They call a spade a spade. 
  • They wear red hats and they proudly defend their right to defend us.
  • And that, my friends, is why the left hate Rugged Men.
  • Because they fear us and our wonderful men.
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