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As the world descends in to the twilight zone, I am so sad and ashamed to call myself a woman. To have world leaders like Ms Xindy Ardern from New Zealand, Ms Albosleazy from Australia,  Ms Trudeau from Canada and Ms Macron from France leading us into social collapse, I wonder how the hell it happened.

Some of you may wonder why I include Justin aka Justine and Emmanuel aka Emilie and Antonia Albosleazy in the list of those ladies who have led me to their shame. Well, because these days, in these enlightened times, I'm allowed to identify them as women and they can’t do a damned thing about it because there are about 62 genders on offer right now.

We have seen shortages of toilet paper and tissues; shortages of baby formula and meat. But there have been no shortages of genders, effeminised men, experts in climate change, sex change and masturbation lecturers to kindy kids.


No, they are in quantities abundant and there has also been a plague of what I like to call opportunists – who see this Chinese Wuflu as a way to get rich and or promote messages of social meltdown and decay by “ never letting a good crisis go to waste. “

From the days of Margaret Thatcher, we have come to the current Mistresses of the hatchet; 40 years have seen us descend into hell on earth and lives not lived and lives not worth living.

What have faux women and faux men done to this place we call home? Why have so many of those who have reached the exalted place of holding office as our REPRESENTATIVES chosen to use times of need to promote their own end games?

Because that is what has happened and is happening.

Margaret Thatcher saw through this façade of feminism. She once famously said

“  The feminists hate me, don't they? And I don't blame them, for I hate feminism. It is poison. “

Well, you got that right Maggie.

So why is it that this Virus that has brought our Nations to ruin is being USED to promote the rights of illegal aliens, criminals, left wing Socialists and anti democratic – yes, Nan Xi Pelosi – anti democratic ideology – into laws in our decent and Conservative, God oriented Nations?

When Ronald Reagan said


He was on the money.

The deaths of people all around the world from this virus seems to include those poor folk who died in so called Nursing homes and falling out of planes without parachutes – to be fair no one seems to die from anything else anymore unless it is from Covid, monkeypox or the sudden onset of ABV disease ( Anything but vaccines )  so I will respectfully believe the experts when someone provides proof that Sasquatch exists …

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In the meantime, I have my own theory on this whole mess.

The feminazis are exploiting this to promote abortion and get Government funding for their sick and twisted beliefs that Men are evil and children are tumours.

The Socialist leftie luvvies are promoting it to bring in Laws that restrict our movements, our social engagement and our ability to communicate without being under their ever-present gaze.

The crooked REPRESENTATIVES are doing it to feather their own nests and make big bucks by taking money and bribes in exchange for promises of rewards in the future if they do as they are told.

The pedophiles and sexual predators are using all of the above to destroy what is left of Mayberry.

download 2020 05 16T140849.161

And China, oh China, let us not forget them, the Puppet Masters.The fools listed above will serve their Master with promises of Gold and Treasure.

But when/if they deliver their souls to the Dragon Master, they do not realise that their lives become expendable.

There are no pockets in shrouds.

How do we get out of this Global Pandemic of Insanity?

The MSM is part of the movement to overthrow Normal. Many in our Governments are part of this. The WHO, UN, EU, all the acronyms are on board to overthrow the People.

“ They “ have taken away or are attempting to take away, our guns.

Now they are taking away our freedom under the guise of a pandemic flu virus and its ever-present life partner - the climate " catastrophe. "


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All we have left are our voices and they are trying to take those away as well.

We have young men who have turned in to soyboys and cry and “ menstruate.” We have young and old women who hate men and hate Motherhood. I don't know about bug eyed monsters but I do know that eating bugs is a no no for me and I don't want to be a bug eating monster. 

We need to stand up and say, loudly and defiantly:


No to China. No to Abortion. No to electing the enemy to represent us. No to sexual deviancy. No to Evil.

And No to accepting the unacceptable and tolerating the intolerable.

It is time to fight back with the best weapon we have. Our sheer weight of numbers. We've done it before and we MUST do it again. 

And we need to get the REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN back at the helm. In our countries, in our governments, and in our homes. 


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