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There is no climate crisis - a simple fact for any of the greenie leftist luvvies who want to send us back to the stone age. 

In fact, at the rate the world is going, we will no longer be able to use fire or the wheel because it will be " bad for the environment. "

Tough for us, as we sit around our campfires wondering why they don't work anymore. 



There is a crisis in stupidity and lack of critical thinking. Let the cattle graze in National Parks; let the landowners manage the land they love and stop worshipping at the altar of cultist indoctrination.

You greenies worship a deluded girl from Sweden who has never stepped foot in a place called REALITY and you worship people like Attenborough who does voiceovers for greenie shows about the “ climate crisis “ – who knows about as much about the Aussie bush and the Aussie Spirit as Malcolm Turnbull and his ilk know about Loyalty.

You and your cohorts ignore FACTS. Over and over again, you recite the mantra something that I thought died out when mental health care came in – “ The End of the World is Nigh “ spouted by a bedraggled homeless man who stood on a soap box or street corner, waving a placard and preaching his sermons of lunacy.

In those days, we could throw a coin in his pot and move on, feeling sad for his delusion but also grateful that he was standing on a street corner and not in Government.


Only, these days. The bearded demented fool waving his placard of doom and destruction IS IN GOVERNMENT, encouraged and hailed by our newspapers and television stations – and listened to and worshipped by millions of devotees to the cult of climate change.

So this article is for people like Adam Bandt, Matt Kean, AOC, Thunberg, or any other member of the Raving Lunatic parties around our once magnificent planet. 

You stand there, in front of the camera, ably backed up by your disciples of doom, your minions of moronic modernity, and demand – yes DEMAND to be heard.

Years ago, you would have been locked up and given treatment for being a deluded dickhead and a menace to society.

Today, you lead political parties and hold seats in our National Governments or at the table or the troughs of propaganda called MSM.

What you all need is a hot cocoa and a good lie down. 

So here is my bedtime story for you all. I hope you enjoy it.

“ You see, putting it in very simple terms that even a dipstick like you people can understand, we have this thing called THE SUN. Now, we live on a planet called “ Earth”. It is a jolly nice place, by and large, and at night this thing called THE MOON gives the sun a well deserved sleepy bedtime and takes over. The “ Moon “ controls the tides. Those are things that happen when the ocean and sea levels rise – but don’t worry, they go back again every day – there is a happy ending.


When the moon needs a little sleep, the sun comes back to work and it sometimes gets a bit excited and sends out really big bursts of energy – like happy dances. That can be a bit naughty of the sun…. because it can make things like the rain not fall and make it a bit hot or cold. Don't worry!  it is just what the sun does my dear child. Now, that naughty sun is a bit like your Mum or Dad or big brother or sister when they have a hissy fit… it is nothing to worry about. Because that silly sun always calms down and gets back to normal and it rains again and the temperatures go down and the silly man on the corner with his placard will fall asleep and we can all go back to work.

Climate change is a thing that old people like me call “ weather”. I know, I know, it is a strange word. But truly, it is a real word.

“ Weather” is where things change – sometimes it’s hot and sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s just right – much like Goldilock’s porridge.

Last week, poor Goldilocks had hot porridge. This week, her porridge is too runny! Too much water!

But my dear deluded children, wouldn’t it be a marvellous idea to put the water into a jug ( that is something that we grownups call a “ dam “ ) so that the porridge doesn’t get too runny? Wouldn’t that make sense dear?”


Let us all be honest my deluded dickheads.  All of your green leftie cohorts, minions and miserable creators of depression, despair take note. 

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to GROW UP and stop listening to fairy tales told to you by the United Nations who seek to take away our sovereignty and our sanity?

You are worshipping a lunatic on a soapbox and yelling that the End is Nigh when in actual fact, the End will only be Nigh if the grownups don’t step in and send you bloody fools to the naughty corner to throw a tantrum, have a sleep and wake up back to normal.

If I had my way, you and your lot would be sent to bed without any supper – because – if you carry on like this, you may as well get used to it now.


It seems to me that you have forgotten that evolution is moving forward, not backward. Or is it that you don't really care, as long as you have power over the fire and the wheel? Do you want us on our knees? 

Well, Mama has something to tell you. 

We are still the boss. As long as we don't cave in.

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