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I miss the 10 Commandments. 

And I can assure you that the way the West is going, the 10 Commandments will be banned and that they will be replaced by ONE COMMANDMENT:


And the entity in charge will not be a kind master. The problem is, I fear it has already happened. 

When I was a little girl, I attended a country Church where our Minister was a hellfire and brimstone Preacher. We sat in the front pews, awe-struck and spellbound.


Not because of his words, but the fact that the veins in his neck stuck out as he preached the Gospel and we worried that his head and neck would explode and we would get showered with brains.

Such is the working of a child's mind. Fortunately, all we got splattered with was the spit that erupted from his mouth as he warned us of the fires of Hell and the demons that would torment us, should we ever succumb to that most wicked of creatures - the Devil.

After the Service we went to Sunday School and were blissfully greeted by an older lady, Mrs U, who let us turn match boxes into books of the Bible and glue pictures from the Scriptures on their sides.

I was so proud of my Library of the Old Testament books - Genesis, Exodus, Levitus, Numbers, Deuteronomy and so on. We loved Mrs U and felt that it was worth enduring the wrath of the Preacher in order to be rewarded with the joy of an hour with this kind and gentle woman. 

Her kindness and gentle approach to our religious Education was in such contrast to the fierce determination of the Minister to save our Souls that I often wondered how they could be talking about the same chap who sat upon that cloud in Heaven and directed them both in their Faith? Incidentally she is the lady who sprang us using her rice in a war game... 


I recollect with fondness the time I was baptised as a child. My parents had decided not to Christen or Baptise me or my brothers and that they would leave it up to us to decide what we wanted to do where Faith was concerned.

When I was about 10, I decided that this Family that was my Church would be a very nice bunch of relatives to have and I told my parents that I wanted to be Baptised. They said that if that was what I wanted then I should do it. So I did. 

One of my brothers joined me - the other decided that the whole spitting and potential brain exploding stuff was too much for him and he walked away. By the way, he has come back to the fold in his later years. 

But all these decades later, we are all part of that Silent Majority of People, throughout the world who spent our childhoods in Worship and still have that lingering remembrance of the Faith, Fellowship and love we enjoyed as young children. 

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No wonder the " devil " wants us all knocked off. We still have that childhood sense of Faith and Fellowship that our younger generations so sadly lack.

They have never gone to Church or Sunday School, taken bets on whether or not the Minister would burst a gasket and if the spit would reach beyond the second pew.

No little match box books of the Old Testament for them. Just a computer and an education system that never saw them stand up for " a Lady on a Horse "  ( The Queen ) or recite the Lord's Prayer at Assembly.

We stood for our Queen or, in America, the President, and we recited the Lord's Prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance. 

We honoured our fallen, our brave and our parents. We honoured our past and accepted that, in knowing our past, we could ensure a bright future.


Today, it seems to me, that our young would delight in the Preacher's Head falling off and exploding so that they could record it happening and quickly post it to tik tok.

They would hasten to report the Minister for spitting and potentially violating their personal space and exposing them to the " virus " and would dob the Sunday School teacher in for using matchboxes as symbols of explosives or encouragement to smoke.

Being baptised would be seen as child abuse and, most importantly, the 10 Commandments would be censored as a breach of Human Rights.

When I reflect on the 10 Commandments I can only see a very sound recipe for Life.

Don't kill each other, not steal anything from each other, don't mess around with someone else's spouse,  don't lie, don't worship a sports star or actor and don't swear. Don't disrespect your parents or elders, don't think that a person is more important than the Power that created this world and don't forget to take a day off. And do not be envious of someone else's hard work.

Most people in prison today have broken at least one of these Commandments. Many people today are in breach of these simple rules.

Is it that hard to follow those rules? 

I guarantee that if we all followed the 10 Commandments, life would be peaceful and we would all be enjoying a jolly nice time.

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At present, people are murdering each other. They are stealing from each other. The sexual scandals are beyond belief. The lies are everywhere. So-called celebrities are putting themselves up as demi-gods. 

The language is hateful and nasty. The disrespect of people is unlike anything I have ever seen before. People think that their word and their way of doing things is more important than anyone else's. 

People are lazy and do not want a DAY off - they want a LIFE off so that they can do nothing and share in the labour of someone else's hard work.

I cannot believe that I am saying this but I look back fondly to the days when the local copper kicked some kid up the bum for stealing; when a man was " disappeared " for being a mongrel and people shunned those who were against the community sensibility.

I sadly miss the days when we worshipped in Church, not in sports stadiums and when we lined up to work, not to get a Government handout. 

I miss the days when people admired Trump for being a hard working business man and not hate him for having money that he earned and that they wish they had.

 Somehow, I suspect that God would not be a Democrat or a Leftie.

Maybe the Devil is trying to ride in and our Preacher is going to spit him out? 

Please don't make our Preacher walk away.  Because, by God we need him. 





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