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It happens to all of us, the day our beloved husband  or wife   departs to Heavenly fields. What do we do to fill the gap.   
What do we do to replace a beloved Cat or Dog.   My husband of 65 years has gone  and just recently I lost not only my old cat but also my 17 year old Jack Russell.   When you live alone you have to have someone to  talk to,  someone who  you have to look after.
So I did what I have done before I looked up the RSPCA web site.
My husband was from the Isle of Man , a Manx man, then I saw a lovely photo of a beautiful Manx male  cat. He also had a female manx cat advertised with him as a bonded pair.   I felt it was a message from the heavenly fields and promptly put in my application.    That is the way you have to do it today.  
And I truly believe I had my late husband's blessing.   
Word came back to visit and off I went.  A big double cage with the   two of them on board was carried into my house. The start of a big adventure.  
tn DSCN2343
They are given names in the refuge ,  but I like to give them names I like .  So suitably named  they are settling in really well, but doesn't it make you wonder what they had been thru' and what their lives were like previous to becoming my chosen friends.
The   beautiful male (nearly 3 years old)   is bigger than most cats, almost twice the size of the  female who is nearly 2 years younger than he is.  He is very loving sits on my lap,  helps me make the bed, helps?  
Hinders more like. But he has fun.   
tn DSCN2347
He loves the sun coming in thru' the windows and rolls around enjoying the warmth. They sleep curled up with one another on a sheep skin on a recliner chair. But, and this is the part that makes you wonder what his life was like before coming to me.    He looks out the open door to my garden  but 8 weeks later still is too afraid to venture out. 
tn DSCN2358
The little female is a very wary little being, 
I still cannot touch her, but she is not afraid of me I can walk around  talk to her,  but no touchy.... She bonded to a young visitor and he managed to rub her tummy and they both slept with him on the bed after a week or so,  ( school holidays). good progress.   She has been going outside and loves exploring in the big garden .  She comes and goes  most of the day. 
He departs and sleeps from late morning until  mid afternoon. When he comes out, with his friend to have afternoon tea.
DSCN2325 1 
My son,  late 60's  comes and goes and they have both finally decided he is no threat.    
They still will not venture out when Shaydee visits. 
They are accepting different people ,  but mostly hide until the visitor has gone.   There is scarring under the big fellow's chin and he is missing some teeth,  makes you wonder was he in a cage and tried  biting on bars to attempt  an  escape . 
Whatever their history I am delighted that I have managed to give them a new life , one that I hope will restore their natural curiosity  and love of life.   So far I am having pleasure seeing them develop and change from the frightened little creatures to the healthy and loving ones that are such a joy,  to call part of my own life. 
And yes, cats do tend to be a bit demanding.   Not really.
We have to try and support our RSPCA and the good work they do.  We have to remember that all animals  need our love and care whether they be the  Pet animal  or the Farm animal , or the Wild animal  that lives in the bush. 
All living creatures are our responsibility , and we must make sure we do the very best we can to ensure that cruelty is dealt with and the perpetrators punished.
I truly believe that the way we treat our animals is an indication of how our world is headed. 
Let's give our animals and our little children some love.   After all, love is free, isn't it? 

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