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It was down to business at the Arizona Rally when President Donald J Trump took the stand and embraced the love of his adoring fans and fellow Patriots.

As an Australian, I watched it in the morning,  Queensland time. I had been up for a few hours, gotten my household chores out of the way, warned my Mother Redhead that I would be down to do grocery shopping earlier than normal so that I could be home, unpacked and ready to sit down and get treatment for my TTS: Trump Therapy Syndrome.

Life is so bloody miserable sometimes here in Aussie right now that the Trumpster is like my happy pill. A Trump Rally energises me and makes me feel good, full of hope, joy and positivity. Despite my thousands of miles of geographic removal and my political status as a non voter and non resident, I cannot help but feel the upbeat enthusiasm from these proud and loving Americans .

Because you see, the American Republicans LOVE their 45th President. They don’t just support him; they don’t just plan to vote for him; they truly worship President Trump.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

When I go to the youtube coverage from RSBN, as I have done for about 5 years, I grab my cuppa, my Trump 2020 hat, put it on, close my doors, turn on the air conditioning or heating ( depending on the time of year )  and get prepared for the best hours of my week.

Afterwards, I ring Redhead, my Mum, and tell her all about it. She is a big Trump fan but isn’t as engaged with him and the admiration I have for him – so she chooses to listen to a half hour of me telling her all about how marvellous the Rally was and what he said, who were his guests and how the crowd reacted – I guess she thinks that 30 minutes is a worthy investment to give her peace, rather than an hour of actually watching.

I disagree, but one day, maybe, I will convince her that watching a Trump Rally is a worthwhile investment of her time.

I try to explain to her what it is like. But I cannot. I am not sufficient of a wordsmith to be able to explain how it feels to see the greatest President America has ever had and to share that with tens of thousands of fellow viewers on RSBN.

She was listening politely and kindly today (as she always does) as I cooed and exalted his virtues, his achievements, his struggles and his tenacity against all odds. I declared with great enthusiasm that the atmosphere was contagious. It is like I am being caught up with a wave of great positive energy.

And then she said

“ You are not talking about atmosphere. This isn’t a contagious thing. You are talking about love. Someone who you love, respect and honour. “

And it struck me. She is right. Oh, don’t get me wrong – I am not IN love with Trump. But I love him. As I loved my late father. Someone who loves his Family and is prepared to stand up for and defend all that WE hold dear.


I cannot see anything wrong with loving a National Leader who has the same principles that I do and millions of people in America and from around the world do.

My Dad was never backward in coming forward when it came to standing up for what was right, morally, ethically or otherwise.

Perhaps I have just replaced my Dad with President Trump? But perhaps not. As Redhead ( Mum) then said “ If you hadn’t had your father as an example, perhaps you wouldn’t have seen or recognised the qualities that you so loved in your Dad?”

And this, my friends, is what it is all about.

We want and NEED our Leaders to be the strong parental figure we have, had or wished we had.

We do not want a friend, nor do we want someone who promises us Christmas presents he or she knows that we, as a family can not afford and will never be delivered.


We want a loving parent figure who tells us the truth, promises to work hard for us and then asks and expects us to “ pull our weight “ in order to support the Family Unit.

We NEED our parents to look after us, THEIR children, not those of the neighbours. Provide us with shoes, food, a roof over our heads and a loving and Christian home. Only then, should we look after the neighbours kids.

Trump does this. In spades.

Our Leaders still don’t realise that the Trump message is Universal: LOVE. For his Family, the American People. And until they get that, they will never, ever rise to the heights that President Trump has achieved.

Take note, Leaders from around the Globe: WE, the People, want someone who loves us and does not wish to exploit us, abandon us or abandon us in favour of the neighbours kids.

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