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So said Viv Forbes in a comment Monty received from him. And isn't that the truth? But it seems that farts are measured by wealth and cows and Australians can fart but celebrities' farts are immune from climate change. So where to from here? Will we see fart passports?  

Viv said this - and I have to say that I agree with every word. Australia is being ruined by red tape and the media. My words, not his.

The COP-Out politicians ruining Australia and its industries have promised impossible net-zero emissions targets (by some date well after they have left office). So why spend millions of tax-payer dollars on advertising for more tourists or vying for more games and circuses. Rich tourists are heavy-emitters.

While COVID barriers hamper Australians wanting to tour our own country were forced into lockdown. foreigners were offered red-carpet “quarantine-free” travel. At the same time politicians continued to make it difficult for foreign backpacker/workers.

These foreign sightseers will also guzzle up our largely imported fuel stocks. Australia is not extracting, refining or storing enough hydro-carbon fuels to survive even a small hiccup to our fuel import chain.

Moreover, our cattle and sheep are censured because of their emissions, but these idolised tourists will burn mega-tonnes of hydro-carbon fuels powering planes, taxis, cars, buses, trains, lifts, air conditioners and electrical appliances.

And, like our cattle and sheep, every tourist exhales, farts and burps.

Viv, as always, is spot on with his observations. 

Apparently, the tourists have been living with Peter Mack and Digger and no longer fart... ( sorry Peter and Digger ) or at least, not in public. No doubt, behind closed doors they trumpet away like something from a Peter Sellars skit or a teenage party trick whereby someone has a lighter and entertains 17 year olds with explosive energy emanating from dark caverns and places beyond the reach of the state premiers or chief medical officer's reach.

What is it with our governments that we have now created the ultimate insult to citizenship, where someone who is rich enough can pop into Australia and fart away to their heart's content because they are rich, famous and above the law?

Being an Australian is now a bit like being an American: you get to pay taxes and slog your guts out so that sightseers can come in, gaze at the local flora and fauna and fart as much as they like.

Because we are becoming like movie extras. We make the stage set that is Australia look believable. We wander the streets or play on the beaches and sit in the pubs - as long as we have the new equivalent of the actors union pass: the vaccine passport.

If you are not part of the union, you don't get a walk-on role in the movie that is modern Australia.


Those of us who refuse to pay the price of union membership and get vaccine after vaccine? Well, we no longer have an agent and are blacklisted in the industry that is making the film  " Australia - the Movie. " 

Our sheep, our cattle and our farmers are now part of the disappearing extras in this remake of the movie classic " Australia! " and have been replaced with men with man buns, lesbians, transgenders and soyboys all hell bent on making the new version of " Australia - the Movie " a more diverse and culturally sensitive one than that old outdated one where men sweated and swore, farted and scratched their balls and actually worked their arse off to feed their wives and children.


It is a sad thing that sheep, cattle, working men and women of Australia are now considered worthy of culling. 

Viv said

 " Moreover, our cattle and sheep are censured because of their emissions, but these idolised tourists will burn mega-tonnes of hydro-carbon fuels powering planes, taxis, cars, buses, trains, lifts, air conditioners and electrical appliances. "  

Never has there been a more profound and accurate statement on the state of our nation.

One only has to look at the emissions from the jets that fly around the world so that these proponents of climate change can stand up and spout their propaganda. 


If you want to think about damaging farts, just look at anything that comes out of a rich, famous and well heeled climate change activists mouths to see what farting truly is.

Because they all talk out of their arse and leave a very nasty smell wherever they have been.

I will take a herd of cattle, a flock of sheep, and a gathering of good honest hard working Australian farmers before I will ever accept the gospel according to the ramblings of a rich tourist who has probably never stepped foot in a shearing shed or seen the devastation of a drought or the horror of a flood.

Because I am an Australian.

Not a movie extra working on a remake of perfection. 


Stop trying to make Australia Hollywood. We are still quite happy with the original. 

Farting and all. 

Tourists do fart too. But for some reason their farts are less damaging because they fart money.

Strange, isn't it?

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