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Now, say what you like, I am a great fan of a REAL man. Not some squeaky-voiced bloke who thinks that women are men if they choose to be. Or some other mincing little apologist who feels constantly offended by coal or nuclear power or, heaven forbid a gun.

I want a real man. 

I don't know about you, but I AM SICK OF IT.

I want some testosterone back in politics and I want it NOW. 

The current Prime Minister of Australia is a squeaky-voiced, mincing little apologist who loves cozying up to Princess or Prince ( depending upon which side of the gender fence you sit ) Xindy from New Zealand. 

Is he a whiny little drongo who thinks that whinging about climate change and fossil fuels will somehow change the world? 

 It could be correct actually. He will certainly change Australia, much like the Xindy person has changed New Zealand. 

And yes, these menaces WILL change the world. 

That is the problem and the danger. 

We are freezing here at the moment. Our petrol prices are beyond the rainbow and our temperatures are Antarctic Chilly. Our food prices are crazy and the only people keeping warm are public servants and politicians.

But it's OK  - Xindy and Albo are in love... how cute is that? 

They just love each other so very much.  and. now that they are on the same page, they can put masks on cows and he can mince away and have a nice little jog with his man boobies and move on to meeting Ms Trudeau from Canada.

Ms Trudeau is a fine little chap. He manages to cross all gender boundaries. doesn't he?


God, please give me the strength to carry on with the current politics.

Mr Biden, meanwhile is eating ice cream and looks constantly bewildered. He looks like the Grandpa who poos himself at the family get-together and everyone pretends that it didn't happen and he was not invited by them.

Let's face it, he shouldn't be allowed out in public.

And that was 2 years ago.

He has only gotten worse.

Boris Johnson is no longer pretending to be a buffoon ( and to think, I used to actually like him God forgive me ) as he destroys what is left of the once-great British Empire.

He is a buffoon and a dangerous one at that.


We are surrounded by rulers ( since our elections became poker machines where the punter never wins and the house always gets the dosh ) we do not have elected governments.

We have a group of self satisfied, cringe worthy mincing apologists dictating everything we do, eat, buy or write.

We are ruled by nancy boys and idiots, feminazis and fools. Degenerates and dickheads. 

And it isn't going to get any better any time soon.

The REAL men and REAL women are being filtered out. 

The REAL children are being filtered out.

We are becoming the lost generation of souls who defied the ruling powers and said 

 " NO. "

Slowly but surely we are being cut off from mainstream life. 

To have to apply for an exemption in order to travel. 

All I can say is I miss the days when men were men and women were women and kids were kids. 

And, no, this is not an article of great import when it comes to political NEWS: because, in actual fact, NEWS is no longer NEWS.

It is a word that is used to describe the latest propaganda unleashed by the Main Stream Media and the so-called governments that have been seemingly elected.

So why is it that so many people still support President Trump?

Why do his rallies still attract tens of thousands of people?


His muscles, his masculine jaw line, his bravery are but trifles: we do not even comment on whether or not he is clean shaven, free of tattoos or is a MAN worthy of protecting us from foes, both foreign and domestic.

Nope. Not a word is spoken in that regard.

And we have so many more men who fight for us.  

They fight fires. They fight on the streets as Police Officers and Firefighters and Paramedics. 



I am like most REAL women. I appreciate, admire and applaud men who have or are serving in our protection. That of our families and our Nation. Our homes and our way of life.

I respect and am thankful for those that do dangerous things in dangerous places and allow us to thank them for what they are prepared to sacrifice for us, our children and our country.

I believe that we need to embrace a very simple policy:

Let men be men and women be women and stop trying to change the way we are created.


And, before you think that I am not acknowledging brave women, THAT is another article. 

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