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It's a funny old world, isn't it?

As we age, even things like housework become more difficult.
But thankfully, our resident 90 year old has some handy tips to keep the house clean and tidy. 
And maybe we all need to learn how to swoosh. 
Including how to get the fur babies to join in with the fun.
According to Redhead, getting down is not a problem. Getting up again is the issue.


Logic dictates therefore that is probably wise not to get down in the first place.

But how do you clean your shower base?


Just sprinkle your cleaning powder and stand ( on a carefully selected hand towel) and swoosh.

Yes, that's right: swoosh.
In fact, I have heard a great deal about swooshing from Redhead.
You can swoosh ants by placing vinegar on the floor. 
The pesky little critters hate it and, believe it or not, with a good mop and a good swoosh of vinegar, they are... well... swoosh..  gone!


Quite where, who dares to say?
Vaccuming is a problem, unless you have a swooshing vaccum cleaner.

Redhead has found that fur babies are very good at assisting with this chore.

Swoosh! It's all done by the miracle of slave labour!

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Nah, not really. 
Mum believes that a good swoosh is the answer to everything. Mind you, she does have an upright vacuum cleaner.  
It was the only image I could find that had a fur bay doing household chores. 
Incidentally. Mum never get her fur babies to do jobs around the house. They are too busy sleeping and being lazy and waiting for her to prepare their next meal.
She has a pair of grabbers. They can pick up pretty much anything from the floor and she can rest easy while she looks for her latest swoosh.
cat grabbers
Again, not really. They are lazy so and sos and do nothing around her home and all they do is ask her when their next meal is due... hmm.
If you want to dig a hole in your garden or trim some trees ( and this I find, is a most helpful tip ) pick up the phone and swoosh! Someone arrives to mow your lawns and prune your trees, dig a hole or repair your roof.
Mind you, that swoosh is less effective these days as our tradies and handymen are so busy looking after the homes of university graduates who never learned the art of swooshing.
Swooshing is something you cannot learn overnight.
It is borne out of decades of dedication to the ancient and almost forgotten art.
To Swoosh. 
To ensure that you always have the ability to look after yourself. Because in these dark times, no other bugger will. 


And there it is in a nutshell.

If you can't swoosh, you are... well, swooshed. 
In the meantime. Redhead is looking after her slaves. 
Yeah, right...



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