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Today you hear of so many incidents,  I cannot call them stories ,  of cruelty , neglect and down right 'don't give a damn " that you get to the stage where you say ,  please don't go into the details it is too upsetting.   I  can't listen to any more distressing tales of what some one has done to a child, an animal,  or an elderly person.  

We of the human species have brains , have fingers and hands , we have developed all sorts of things that can help our dependents, whether they be in the animal kingdom or  own species.   Where once upon a time our cattle , our sheep  spent the day outside in the  fields enjoying the fresh air , sleeping under a tree in the shade , where,  in most countries in the world are they now?     In feed lots,   penned indoors,  living in such squalor  that if we actually saw it we would be horrified.     Look what they have done to our chooks ,  they even have to advertise that they actually get out and have a run on the ground …. so many to  a given area.   Most are in cages ,for  all  of their miserable lives.

We also need to look at the killing of our animals for food, once upon a time it was done as humanely as possible but now we allow a manner that is cruel and terrifying for the cattle and sheep.    That is another thing we don't want to know about and if we actually saw it , we would again be  horrified .

We are not looking after our animals or our hard working farmers , they are quite capable  most of the time , but when they don't get rain or have their water stolen from them the Government has to lend a hand.   Also the water problem has to be solved otherwise this problem is going to worsen and things will never recover.   Too late when it hits  the home and the dinner table!  

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Then we come to  the children,    babies aborted  at full term,  neglect , and in some cases used for  of sexual gratification by dreadful people.   What are we doing about that?    Not to mention the brain washing they are getting at school with regard to  masturbation , changing  gender from girls to boys and boys to girls.     Climate change nonsense , so that they worry about their future.   Get back to the basics.   Reading , Writing and Arithmetic  , by that time they are old enough to make up their own minds with regard to some of the rubbish they have to listen to now. 

Then  we come to the Elderly, not necessarily all Oldies,  but the  physically  infirm,  the ones no longer able to look after themselves.   We read about the neglect that some of them have to suffer  until someone , way too late, finds them and rescues them.   Those that have been  so neglected that they are stuck,  and I mean stuck to the bed or the chair that they have been left to rot in  , so fouled by bodily wastes that they have become glued to the seat or bed.     Covered in sores and  in some cases maggots.   You don't want to hear about,  let alone see it,  or find some poor individual that has been treated in this manner.   Where are the people who should be overseeing these vulnerable members of our community .   


I don't know the exact words but I was always taught that God gave us the knowledge and the ability to look after the children , the elderly,  the animals , all animals not just  the cattle who give us their dairy products,  but All animals.  He expects us to do that , but we are failing Him  and it is time we pulled together and addressed this neglect.

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We may not be as bad as a lot of countries in the world with regard to this non caring manner but we do need to improve the lot of our animals , our children and especially our elderly that have served us well over the years.

"If I were the devil" ~ A prophetic essay written and recorded by radio commentator Paul Harvey in 1965.


Having dominion over the animals should entail a humane management of them as the resource God has ordained them to be. We should consider that mankind was given the task (and blessing) of representing God in this world. We are the caretakers. We hold sway over all the earth, and we (bearing God’s image) bear a responsibility to act as God would. Does God misuse His creation? No. Is God unwise in His management of resources? No. Is God ever cruel or selfish or wasteful? No. Then neither should we be. Any misuse or mistreatment of God’s creation is the result of sin, not the result of following God’s original command. We must fulfill our duty to manage the earth wisely until that time when the wolf shall lie down with the lamb in the kingdom of Christ (Isaiah 11:6).

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