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The leftie luvvies believe that we can prevent the bullshit “ Climate Catastrophe “ by handing out free everything to everyone and planting trees on agricultural land, becoming vegan, slaughtering all the cattle and sheep and putting hundreds of thousands out of work by closing down coal power.

Apparently, this will all be done by planting a peculiar kind of tree that grows money.

This new species of tree was invented in 1959 by Mr Bumbledrop in a make believe land called Topsy Turvy Land.

I know. I watched it as a child. Torchy, the Battery Boy, used his magic light and eventually finds a fruitful money tree to sort out things in Topsy Turvy Land.

We now have our own Torchy boys. 

There is more truth in my daughter’s report that she saw the Easter Bunny hopping across the lawn in April 1979 in Noosa, Queensland, than there is that there are money trees.

Even she, then a 4 year old, knew that the Easter Bunny existed, but money trees “ were silly but a good idea. “

I agree. I believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

But I draw the line at money trees.

You see, I have the Scottish gene ( which leaves our pockets and wallets firmly locked except under duress) and the Manx gene ( which means that only magical fairies hold the keys to our wallets).


Therein lies a problem. I have a genetic flaw, inherited from my mother’s side. It leaves me fiscally responsible and unable to commit to the squandering of any resource – whether it be money, food, clothing or emotion.



My late father was Manx. From the Isle of Man. Situated between England and Ireland, in the Irish Sea, he was a full blooded Manxman. I grew up knowing that you never put a coat on a bed, never put your shoes on a table, never sang before breakfast and never disrespected the fairies at the bottom of the garden. The Mordie Doo dog was a sign of impending doom, rodents were called “ four leggers “ and you NEVER swept dust out of a door because you could risk sweeping the luck out as well.

But he did not believe in a money tree.

Because that would be too silly.

To this day, I have tight pockets, a very tight wallet and one of the best smells in the world ( apart from rain and freshly mowed grass ) is the smell of my mother’s purse. Redhead's purse smells like money. From her, I received the Scottish gene. 

Redhead is very fiscally responsible. Money is spent wisely and prudently. If you haven't got it, you pull your belt in. Even in good times, it is always within the budget to put aside for the inevitable rainy day. The top priorities are food, shelter, health and clothing. She always ensures that family comes first and luxuries are just that: luxuries. 

It seems to me that if our governments took a leaf out of Redhead's book instead of the money tree, we might all be better off.  


I labour over spending money.

My Dad had fought in The Second World War. Before his passing he wrote with great passion on this blog about his recollections, his views and his concerns and delights to be in this world we call home. He came with the Royal Navy to Hiroshima 6 months after the bomb, and, as an electrician, he helped with restoration of the power grid.

And we have the family photos to prove it – all fractured with the radiation that must have been there as he snapped the shots that in their small way tell a story far greater than any words.

Perhaps it is not so much my Scottish Gene or my Manx Gene but my “ Experience “ Gene?

Maybe I inherited their commitment to decency and hard work?

Maybe, just maybe, it had nothing to do with crofting, the great depression,  being written into my DNA but written in to my parent’s stories?

As parents, we have the unique honour and privilege of educating our children and providing them with the thing called


Many of the young people of today have no bloody idea

Belief in planting money trees is not a sound foundation on which to build. Yet this is what the leftie luvvies want us to believe.

Money trees are a wonderful fairy story, a piece of fantasy.

Like climate catastrophe, they don’t exist.

Yes, we have climate change. It is called weather and nature.

Which brings us back to the beginning. Where are the lefties getting the money from to hand out all these freebies?

Oh, of course, the Money Tree.

Money tree

Even my daughter, aged 4, back in 1979, knew that was just silly.

We are certainly living in Topsy Turvy Land.

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