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Yesterday's election result has changed Australia forever.

The real pandemic we are facing is the pandemic of misery, hopelessness and helplessness that is about the confront Australia.. . no dams, no coal fired power. power shortages and electric cars. Immigration will skyrocket and we will see our housing crisis multiply and our already failing public health system collapse under the strain. 

If we look at what has happened in America in only 18 months, we are in for economic migrants flowing in; rising prices, shortages and a general disintegration of the country we once proudly called home. 

A Labor victory is only half of the problem. It is the rise of the Green and Climate 200 mob that horrifies me. 


As a country, we have faced drought, flood, fires and plagues of mice. We have confronted war. We have confronted disease. 

We have fought wars and sent millions of our young men to die on the foreign soil of Gallipoli, the Somme and in the oceans and seas of the South Pacific. We have watched towns and communities stripped bare of their young farmers, workers and husbands. Brothers, fathers and cousins cheated of a life yet to be lived. 

We have done so with a hale heart and a sure knowledge that their sacrifice for us was worthwhile; that they gave their lives in order to preserve ours. Yet here we are today murdering our economies, torturing our freedom and surrendering our ways of life for " climate change."  I am truly astonished. 

What on earth has happened to our voters? That they have willingly sacrificed our prosperity and freedoms in order to do quite what exactly? 

The possibility of eradicating climate change is up there with " not a snowball's chance in hell. "


Though, to be fair, I should have seen the writing on the wall when people willingly donned masks and lined up to get " vaccinated. " In fact, the way we are going, we are on the road to Hell and we are in a major economic, political and social meltdown that will see us living in cages of our own making. 

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There were mistakes made in the election campaign. 

United Australia should have kept Clive writing the cheques and left Craig Kelly to be the frontman. It did not do UAP any good seeing a rather obese wealthy mining magnate climbing down the steps of his private jet and engaging in what was perceived by some as self promotion. Craig Kelly could speak to the ordinary bloke. It was a big error on Clive's part - in my opinion. For Craig to lose a seat in parliament is a tragedy: he was one of the good guys. 

The Coalition similarly backed using the image of Morrison far too much. They didn't get that many of us did not like him and found his face and smirk a rather unpleasant look. Josh Freydenberg became the first casualty of a flawed campaign. He was targeted, Like Tony Abbott, and did not survive.  

I will leave our readers to add to my brief summary of " what went wrong " but people around the country have done the unthinkable: they have voted for their own destruction. 

When the lights go out and the mosques are built; when you are not allowed to drive a car unless it is electric; when you can't eat a steak and the burgers are made in a laboratory; when  our babies are murdered at birth; when our children are brainwashed and our hospitals are overwhelmed, don't come crying that it isn't what you signed up for. 

As I said earlier, look at what happened to America in 18 short months. It could be a glimpse into our own future. 

I am cautiously optimistic that Peter Dutton will become the leader and spend the next 3 years trying to rebuild the core conservative values of the once great Liberal Party of Menzies.

That the National Party did so well heartens me: The soul of the bush remains untainted by ideological fancies and fear-mongering. 

But for now, it is gloomy with a high chance of doom and I think we will have to batten down the hatches. The storm is well and truly on us.  





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