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As election day dawns, I feel a deep sense of foreboding. All I can think of was what happened to Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen all those years ago.

I remember his loss back in 1987. I was at home and the news of his defeat came through on the radio, I cried. I could not help but think that the Queensland I loved would never be the same. And it was a fear that has been sadly well-founded.

No matter what your political affiliation or personal view of Sir Joh was, he could never be accused of being naive when it came to seeing the MSM for what it was. He regarded his media interviews as " feeding the chooks " and he sprinkled enough popcorn to keep them happily pecking for days as they spouted outrage at his unorthodox behaviour and his treatment of them was viewed as contemptuous. Sir Joh never really disputed that accusation because, to him, they were contemptuous and sought only to bring him down and install a leftist regime. 


For those of you geographically remote from Queensland, or too young to remember, Sir Joh was a conservative Australian Politician who reigned over Queensland for 19 years. No pornography was allowed in Queensland. No poker machines. If you wanted to gamble , you could buy a ticket in a State lottery. The proceeds funded our free State hospital service. You could not protest - marches were forbidden. Strikes were forbidden. His wife, the then Senator Lady Flo, went down a mine pit to end a sit in by striking coal miners  - she brought them a thermos flask of tea and some of her home baked pumpkin scones and told them that her husband wasn't happy and could they please get back to work? If for no other reason than to restore harmony to her home.  They went back to work. 

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We were happy. We got on with life because, as Joh used to say " you let me worry about that. That's what I'm paid to do " so we didn't worry and we got on with paying our taxes and being happy. We went to Church and we had BBQ's with friends and Joh took care of the heavy lifting. 

When the electricity workers went on strike, Sir Joh told us all to put up with no power for a few days or weeks because we should not be blackmailed. If we let this happen, what would be next? So we put up with it and the lights came back on a week or so later. 

The problem was that Sir Joh was loved by most of the people of Queensland. The left would never rule in Queensland while Sir Joh was at the helm. So they came up with a plan and it was as, as Rowan Atkinson said in Blackadder " so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel. "

Accuse him of corruption. Destroy his image. Destroy his good name as a man of faith. And the only way they could do it was by capitalising on members of his trusted inner circle who had used their positions to make themselves rich.

Sir Joh was brought down by his belief in those he trusted and the media. His trust in people destroyed him. 

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As the " new guard " took the helm, things changed rapidly here in the Banana Bender Sunshine State. 

Cheeky magazines like Playboy and Penthouse were in the shops. People who used to travel across the border to buy cheap cigarettes and booze were left disappointed. The Trade Unions became the powerhouse of politics and the left marched triumphantly in, under the guise of " justice. " 

Sir Joh was eventually brought down by traitors within his own cabinet and the MSM ( the " chooks " ) who ended up pecking him to death. 

Since then, Queensland has become a place that survives on it's weather, it's natural beauty and the resilience of it's people. We now have Dominion voting machines and it is thus guaranteed that we will probably never enjoy a State that is not run by the chooks and the trade unions and the greedy self serving politicians who keep telling us how marvellous they are. Even our electoral rolls were created in, you guessed it, China.

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So those of you who wonder why I am so full of despair and so full of grief that America has fallen, I say this to you.

I have already lived through it and, unless there is a miracle, the chooks have become roosters and they are now feeding you. 

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