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We just went through a few nervous days when our homes and lives were under threat. Bush fires were raging and licking the lamp posts of our homes and lives.

Can we get some Common sense back in to Government? Some back burns, some water policies, some dams, some old fashioned logic?

Not some bull crap leftie lunacy that would see our Country burn in order to protect the United Nations agenda of Climate Change?






Now that things are starting to normalise, I cannot help but think about those folk who lived through FIVE YEARS of war from 1939 to 1945. Years of war 1914 – 1918. Years of Depression in the 1920’s and 30’s. That is a long time to keep forging on, fighting back and mucking in.

Have we become so weak and useless that a few nights of concern are sufficient to turn so many in to snowflakes, ready to run for safer ground?

Nope. No way. No siree.

There was a time when our Prime Minister led from the hip. After all, he is a Firey, a Surf Lifesaver, a champion of Indigenous People.

Oh, how I miss the time when we had a Leader who was one of us. He led from the pulpit of Reality and participated in our lives.

Scott Morrison is doing a fair to middling job but I am still open on my feelings. He is better than Albanese, Kristina Kineally  and other alternatives, but the jury is still out as far as I am concerned.  Oh, so much better than them, but who knows how good he can be, will be or wants to be?

Tony Abbott has my respect because he is an Aussie. A true blue, dinky dye, (however that is spelled) you beaut Aussie bloke who gets down and dirty and mucks in with his mates, fellow Aussies.

To see a man who was so shamefully removed from office, shafted by some stupid sheila who convinced the good People of Warringah to vote against Common sense, shafted by some bloke from Wentworth who ended up shafting his voters, his electorate, his Party and his Country.

I wonder what old mate Turnbull has been doing during the fires? Probably counting his shares in renewables and rubbing his miserable little hands together while he sees Australia burn. Yet Tony Abbott  is out there, mucking in.

Unlike like Trad and Pluckerduck in Queensland, old mate Daniel Andrews in Victoria and fringe dweller of BullShit land, Aunty Gladys in NSW.  

Australians are a weird mob. We love, we hate and we do both in equal measure.

We love our Country but sometimes we hate it. But, if asked to put our money where our mouths are, we are lovers, not haters.

Australia is our Mate. Our Soul Mate. Our Mother, our Father, our Brother, Our Sister, Our Sibling, our Soul.

The resilient folk in the North of Queensland, when Yasi tormented them for a few days and nights and then tried to kill them with a death by a thousand cuts that lasted for month after arduous month?

The good people of Toowoomba who endured the horror of the 2011 flood and aftermath?  The people of Darwin who survived Tracey and battled on to rebuild?

The survivors of the countless bush fires in SA, Victoria, NSW, all over… the survivors of droughts, mouse plagues, locust plagues, pestilence of Biblical proportions…


We have not become so weak, devoid of courage, common sense, resilience and backbone;  moral fibre and guts that we cannot survive a few days of inconvenience without turning it in to a soap opera, despite what some would say.

The People are full of praise for the Fireys, the Police, their neighbours, their family members and their friends. Those that rang, emailed, offered a bed for the night, a seat in a car, a way out, a Hope and a Prayer.

Our Governments are trying to turn us in to a pack of wimps. But we won’t let them. Despite the best intentions of the Leftist advocates of coal damnation and renewable supremacy; regardless of mountains of superglue on the pavements of the capital cities, most Australians just want to muck in and pay their bills, get married, have kids, buy a home and be allowed to be Australian.

So many of us believe that there is an opportunity for solar and wind power.

And here is a picture.


Can we get some common sense back in to Government? Please?

Because we are, you are, WE ARE AUSTRALIAN.




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