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Words are merely words, no matter how cleverly delivered or masterfully edited and pitched.  Obama was supposedly a great orator until his teleprompter went bugger up. Then he became a bumbling idiot who couldn’t compose one umm without another quickly followed by another added for impact and emphasis.  

All across the world, western leaders and aspiring leaders think that all they have to do is hire a speechwriter, turn up at an event and open their mouths. Well, it doesn’t work. Never has and it never will.

As they say, you can fool some of the people for some of the time but you will NEVER fool all of the people, all of the time.

That is why they hate us.- people like us who actually see through their pathetic acting and fake sincerity.  

 So many of our leaders today rely on teleprompters to regurgitate their carefully crafted speeches, written by their spin doctors.  

But what happens when their teleprompters fail?

A  great speech can be orchestrated. It can be illustrated. It can be manipulated. Someone can hire a great speechwriter and a great speech coach. It can be composed like a symphony that rises and swells. The imagery and emotion can be stirred with the facial expressions, pauses, changes in tempo and pace. as Charlie Chaplin did all those years ago.   

 Charlie Chaplin was an actor. He delivered this speech with great passion. Was that great acting? Or was it because he believed what he was saying? 

Some people just don't have the knack.  They may be given a great speech but they get distracted and forget that they are delivering a speech and cannot stay focused. Much like a chef who is given the finest ingredients, a great recipe and a fine kitchen, they can still serve up a dish of inedible word soup. 



A truly great speech can never ever be stage managed or faked if the speaker does not believe what he is saying.   

 I have watched Trump speak. I have heard his words and I have tried to figure out what it is that so uplifts me. Any of you who have read my other articles will know that I believe that it is a strength that Trump has : his ability to reach his audience. Is it his delivery? His words? His Body Language? What is it that makes him reach our hearts? 


It was only listening to this final speech ( below ) that the penny dropped.

This last thing I listened to was what is hailed as the finest speech of all time. One man’s voice. A simple and honest statement of fact. Words plainly said, with no theatre or fireworks.


Sir Winston Churchill spoke with simple honesty. Truth. 

That is what makes a speech great. Not the cleverness of the words. Not the bells and whistles; not the gesturing, yelling or volume.

A great speechmaker is the person who sings his symphony of Truth from the heart. 

Charlie Chaplin was given a great speech. He delivered it with grace, dignity and power. But the words in his speech were words of truth - did he need to be a fine actor to speak these words?  

I have watched many great speeches in my life. 

The ones that resonate are those that are spoken from the heart, not the teleprompter. 

I think of one that was delivered with theatre, with passion, with truth and without a teleprompter. But one hell of a good speech writer.  And one amazing orator. And one that has resonated throughout the world and the message remains true to this day. 


 Hitler was a great orator. He is famous ( or infamous ) for his speeches. His powerful delivery is recorded  Yet, in his everyday language, all he did was speak as many of us do. 

 He was an actor, a mere man who simply had a great ability to create theatre with his words, his gestures and his love of the limelight and the power.

I have no admiration for Hitler, other than his ability to rouse a crowd.

For that? He has my admiration. To go from a normal voice to the power and the glory that he created in his speeches is rather awe inspiring to be honest. 



But he could hold a crowd and inspire a nation when hope had been lost and he promised a glorious future.

My greatest worry is that we no longer have a free press, a free government or a free world. 

The only people who are allowed to speak are those who are : in power. " 

When people like Hitler rule the airwaves and people like Trump are " cancelled " do we have free speech?

It simply makes me wonder: are we condemned to listen to nauseating word salads from actors and the voices of the true orators are silenced?

Will we only hear the words of Hitler, Obama, Biden and the mindless ramblings of so called celebrities?

Have we lost the words of the people who speak from their hearts? Who speak for us?

When I consider what is happening in the world, I fear that the voices of people who disagree with The Great Reset, Agenda 2030 ( as was Agenda 21 ) or the horror that we are currently enduring, I must say, hand on heart, that the greatest casualty is Truth.


Churchill, Martin Luther King , like Trump, simply spoke the Truth.

Words are being changed. Dictionaries altered. Language censored.

It seems to me that it is TRUTH that is under attack.

And when Truth is under attack, so is Life. 



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