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When Benjamin Disraeli said “I must follow the people. Am I not their leader? “ he was on the money.  Leaders do not seek to create a new world of their vision, but to preserve or improve the vision that the people already have and hold dear. Or they may seek to create the vision that the people have.

Either way, it is not THEIR vision; it is the vision of the People.

Trump got this. He understood that his role was not to ask his People to follow him but rather to allow the American People to get on with their lives, make money, make babies and make memories of which they could be proud.

His role? To Follow His People.

I was watching a rally recently - one of the many that I have watched over the years when President Trump stood and led by following the will of his followers.

Trump barely used the word “ I “. But boy oh boy did he use the word “ We. “

His message was so clear: his Presidency, his Leadership, his role was to serve his country and his fellow citizens.

I have watched every rally that Trump has held since the beginning of his candidacy all those years ago. I did not have some gift of Political insight, knowledge or prophetic vision. I just felt something extraordinary was happening. I was seeing a man who made me feel good. 

Full of hope and optimism for the future.

It just felt RIGHT.

When I watch the rallies on RSBN, I love the vibe that can be created, even though I am not physically present. I can only imagine what it is like to be there in the flesh.
It always feels like I am part of a family, and a damned fine family at that. And I am not even American.


What Trump did was nothing short of extraordinary. He united the people of America. He galvanized them into a family that offered pride, a sense of belonging and a sense of excitement.

In my opinion, the turning point in the 2016 campaign was the day that Hillary Clinton announced that I, along with millions of others around the world and throughout America were “ a basketful of deplorables. “  She blew it that day with those words. She made the campaign one of “ us against them “ and “ them against us. “ Instead of Trump’s message of unity and family, she created a campaign of derision and division.


When our Leaders mock and divide, condemn, ridicule or castigate the voters, they are effectively alienating half of the population. How on earth can they expect to win applause and support when they seek to divide in order to conquer?

While Presidential hopefuls focus on the rights of illegal aliens to the detriment of the People, they are treading on quicksand. While they elevate the status of the minority groups to the detriment of the majority, they are sure to sink in to that shaky ground called defeat.


What we have witnessed over recent years is an increasing number of elections where left wing Soros supporting graduates of the Klaus Schwab school of young leaders are incomprehensibly winning in election after election; and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the outcome. Unless of course, the leader is not the leader, but merely a puppet, a pawn in a global game of Reset Chess.

 Winning is no longer about getting sufficient votes to form Government. It is about stacking the votes, buying the main stream media and shutting down debate. It is about wagging the dog, creating false flags and diverting public attention from the REAL issues.

 But then it has been this way for a very long time.

President Trump has paved the way for future leaders throughout the world to lead by following.

And that is why he was - and is - so dangerous.

 He also has a very powerful friend. 

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