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" When we have people who applaud this, what hope do we have? This video is not pleasant, but it must be seen. Thousands of innocent unborn children are torn to pieces every day in the U.S. because most people simply don't know what abortion actually does. With the exception of the final scene (a second-trimester fetus), all of the video you will see depicts children who were killed during first-trimester abortions. Please do not watch this if you are easily upset. I watched it and I am weeping. "

So said someone on social media today when viewing this video.

I agree. 

Do not watch this if you have a heart. It is too distressing.  Yet I must beg you to watch it BECAUSE it is so distressing. 

As I compile this article, my glasses are clouded with tears. I am trying so hard to stop howling with grief at the images I saw.  My eyes are so horrified by the sadness and the murder of innocence. 

Because that is what is happening. From conception to the grave is now only a matter of minutes or 9 months, depending upon whether or not the new life is wanted. . Lives extinguished without so much as a howdy-do and never a birthday. Little, precious, innocent babies... and women sanction this?

Their CHOICE? Their RIGHT? 

No, fellow women. A resounding NO!

Little babies' little lives, do not CHOOSE to be created... they just are. They just happen to BE.

 As elections loom on the horizon, please reflect on WHAT you are voting for. And WHO you are voting for.

Are you voting for higher interest rates? Higher electricity prices? More abortion? More arrests if you dare to speak out against the system?

Think carefully. Think wisely. '

Above all, THINK. 

And now take ACTION! 





In 2002...

1,082 American children died from violent assault.

2,347 American children died from a car accident.

32,867 American children died from disease.

And 1,310,000 American children died from legal abortion.

1.3 million.

Day after day, week after week, year after year, innocent unborn children are quietly destroyed behind sterile clinic doors, and no one seems to care.

Here ends the apathy of ignorance.

Here begins the responsibility of knowledge.

Prepare yourself.

This is what abortion does to unborn children.

7 Weeks from Fertilization.

8 Weeks from Fertilization. 

9 Weeks from Fertilization. 

10 Weeks from Fertilization. 

11 Weeks from Fertilization. 

24 Weeks from Fertilization. 

Children are dying.

The world is watching.

What will you do?

[All abortion imagery provided by The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform:]





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