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Australia’s highest Law is our Australian Constitution. Any laws not made under our Constitution are unlawful. State Law is subject to our Australian Constitution, as are all Local Government laws.

Any laws which infringe, erode or deny our Inalienable Natural Rights are unlawful. Such laws are repugnant to the Australian Constitution which enshrines your Inalienable Natural Rights.

Our Constitution is the Birth Certificate of Australia, but it is much more than that. It establishes Australia as an entirely unique form of government. Australia has a form of government unlike anywhere else in the World. Australia is a Representative Democracy within the governmental “framework” of a Constitutional Monarchy.

Our Australian Founding Fathers studied the best parts of every known Constitution in the World. The extensive debates interrogated almost every word of it. It was forensically crafted over an intensive period of over ten years. That is because Constitutional Law is the most complex of all laws.

The Australian Constitution inherited the wisdom of the ages. The Constitution proper, contains only 128 total clauses. It was drafted by some of the most brilliant legal and constitutional scholars and draftsmen the World has ever known. Ten intensive years of debates and forensic drafting involving over 55 of the most brilliant minds Australia will ever know.

Anyone who looks at the tip of an iceberg, and believes they can judge it and understand its full scope knows nothing at all about constitutions. It is the essential implied aspects of a Constitution which come from its jurisprudence. That is the foundational “assumptions” that must be well known before a word of it can be drafted.

The Natural Law Jurisprudence which is the foundation of our Australian Constitution dates back to pre-Aristotle, Aquinas and Augustus. Without knowledge of this essential jurisprudence you can not hope to comprehend the genius of the Australian Constitution.

A primary object of our Australian Constitution was and is to secure a peaceful and prosperous future for all Australian Individuals.

Another primary object of the Founding Fathers was to secure Australian Individuals “freedoms” and “liberties”.

That is, the Inalienable Natural Rights which must be known, understood and implied into every word and interpretation.

Our Inalienable Natural Rights flow to every Australian Individual from the Natural Law Jurisprudence upon which our Australian Constitution was drafted.

Australia was the Envy of the World 

On 6th June 1891 one of our Founding Fathers Mr. Barton during the Constitution Debates stated:

“I hope that I am at any rate acting in the spirit in which we all labour together, and that the result of our labour will be to found a state of high and august aims, working by the eternal principles of justice and not to the music of bullets, and affording an example of freedom, political morality, and just action to the individual, the state and the nation which will one day be the envy of the world.”

So it is. Australia was that nation not too long ago under our Constitution.

Our Favourite Founding Father 10 February 1890 during the Federation Debates stated:

“According to the best calculations that I have been able to have made-I mean by our own Government Statist-we have a united population of 3,834,200 souls.”

On that same day Henry Parkes stated:

“I, myself, had the privilege of voting for the separation of Queensland, and I remember the separation of Victoria. And these three colonies, which occupy the space that formed the one colony of New South Wales when I arrived here, contain 2,656,000 of the entire population of Australia.”

He then went on to say these words:

“I will give you the average private wealth per inhabitant. In Austria, it amounts to £16 6s.; in Germany, to £18 14s.; in France, to £25 14s.; in the United Kingdom, to £35 4s.; in the United States, to £39, and in Australasia, to £48. Therefore, in reality, we stand at the head of the nations of the world in the distribution of wealth-that is, of wealth in its grandest form, because a country cannot really be said to be in a prosperous condition with a few colossal fortunes-a few families rolling in luxury, and the mass of the people in poverty-stricken homes.”

By 1890 the Australian Colonialists were, on an individual wealth basis the wealthiest individuals in the World.

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