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Finally some things are coming back to normal.   Visitors for Easter.  Flights taking  people to places they have been denied for the last 2 years.     Children able to enjoy the company of cousins and Grand parents.     
When did NORMAL become abnormal? More importantly why?
The pleasure when the car arrives and everyone opens the doors and the hugs and laughter   , families getting together again.    I am fortunate l live about 3 or 4 mins  walk to the beach.  Down a quiet road , into the car park and then through the dunes to the   surf.     Who wouldn't want to  visit and enjoy swimming and surfing.   walking the dog watching everyone have fun.
Even on one very rough and windy day the kids all took the surf boards and used them to slide down the  steep sandy dunes.   Can't you just turn the clock back and remember when you did the same.   Don't forget the footy ball and having everyone join in.  The  dog as well... not to mention a couple of others who love a ball game.  

All that used to normal.    Now it is abnormal to have fun. 
The BBQ was well used, the patio was used again  and     there was   laughter and squeals of joy for   days, something we hadn't heard for over 2 years.    You know you are missing something but until your friends and "Mates"  are visiting again you didn't realize how much you missed friendly company.     Which  brings me to the banning of names  .
"Mates"   who thought that "mate" was a word that should not be used any more … what is wrong with that word ?   I thought it meant  a friend , a nice person, a trust worthy good guy.   Dictionary says .. friend, colleague .   .But some idiot has placed that name on the  long list of forbidden names …  I for one will not be crossing that name off my list of words ..   I will continue to call people a girl or a boy , or,   she and him … mother father, how much towing of the line are we going to accept before we  refuse to obey  and get back to the days of having a brain.    It is called common sense .   Do they want to take all will power of an individual away .    

“NSW pollies told to stop saying ‘mate’”
Daily telegraph
The lefty’s have lost it. - Steve Dickson Independent Candidate got Senate Queensland 
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The street and the house seems very quiet again with all the happy visitors gone.     Winter is coming,  perhaps we can look forward to new ideas and some sense of what is right ,  perhaps even a Government that will  take the wishes of the people to heart and do the best for everyone.   Or am I being too optimistic   ?   Let's hope not, something has to change,  something has to give .    We have to move forward not keep slowly slipping back  until we have no say in what  is to happen to this glorious country of ours.

The States have to start working together and not working against the country as a whole.     Someone has to  have the strength  to get everyone to work together in getting the Country back to one happy Nation again.

I had just finished watching the Outsiders,  It was interrupted  by an Important message from the Prime Minister.
 I wondered why ?      Rowan Dean was in the middle of giving people an idea of how to go about seeking the best candidates for selection.   How to keep the  Greens at the bottom of every list.  Suggestions for you to choose a person who has  shown to be worthy of your vote.   Again Your Choice !  
We have put up with all sorts of restrictions ,  not so bad here is certain parts of Queensland but from what you read  Victoria , NSW  and Western Australia have been more than through the mill.    They have been locked down, masked, jabbed , deprived of school , kept out of shops and  virtually kept prisoners some of the time in their own homes.  

COP CHOKES WOMAN WITH NO MASK from Maffick Video on Vimeo.

  We have seen  police  throw  not just men but women and girls to the ground, handcuffed, held down,  not just by one man,  but a gang of thugs hurting and scaring the life out of them.   These are our police that were in days gone by someone who we felt   would look after us if we needed assistance.  
The floods we have seen in various parts ,  particularly Queensland and NSW  could have been more controlled if Dams had been  built.     They have been spoken about for years but no Government has the guts to get into gear and do something  about it.      We need to think about a progressive and  fore- sighted  group of men and women who will put the  people first and not their own individual pockets.   Because that is how we look at what is going on at the moment .    Individual  profit  and a fat bank account. 
Look at the price of housing,  look at the interest rates going up,  look at the deposit required before anyone can even begin to think of a house.   How  ???   People have lost their jobs,   people are quitting the job they have rather than obey the  order to vaccinate.   We have been put in a position of  …   do as you are told , or face the consequences .   Fit athletes are having heart attacks , little school children are dying of heart attacks ,  young  people in their 20's are ending up in hospital with heart and multiple other problems  .   Why ?  
It could be said the vaccines are just poison, or people have been locked up and deprived of fresh air and sunshine,   Kids have been made to wear masks that have deprived them of breathing in clean air.  Deprived of sports , locked up in houses with bored and argumentative parents.   That would make anyone suicidal let alone teenagers.   Too many suicides , why ?
I have to go back to Rowan Dean and say,  make your choice, based on the individual not just the Party. Do your homework,  our future depends on what happens in this up and coming election.
 Things can change but we have to help make that happen.  
It is up to us to bring back normality.
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