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Well Coles, after all these years I bid you a sad farewell. I genuinely thought that I was doing my weekly grocery shop, not attending a political rally.

It is IGA from here on.

Withdrawing your sponsorship from the Alan Jones Show is a move that will cost your bottom line.

Oh, I know that my pennies are but drops in the bucket in the scheme of things. But they are MY pennies and they mean a great deal to me.

If you wish to join me in my protest, let Coles know. 1800 061 562.




I used to shop at Bunnings, but my local Mitre 10 is now getting my pennies. I used to buy Gillette razors but their campaign of hatred of men made me look for alternative razors. Obviously a lot of people felt the same way and the pennies turned in to billions of dollars of lost revenue.

Colgate Palmolive lost my pennies, IKEA has lost my pennies and many other companies have lost my pennies – all because they forgot that they were retailers, not social justice warriors.

Target lost my pennies over their nonsensical stand on uni sex changing rooms. Why would I want my wife to take our grand daughter to be subjected to the risk of some peeping pervert while she tries on a new pair of pants or a new top? No thanks, she will never go near one of the diversity friendly, child unfriendly change rooms.

Coles, I do not own any shares in your company. I cannot afford to buy any shares in any company – I am flat out trying to pay my inflated power bill because left wing wankers have decided that coal is bad and that it is better for me and others to freeze to death in winter and die of heat exhaustion in summer to “ save the planet. “

Coles or Coal?  Hmm, let me think.

But, if I did own shares in Coles, I would be selling them now. Why? Because the bum will fall out of your market and the dividend will fall.

Why, oh why do you foolish companies employ people who listen to anonymous keyboard warriors and change your policies to appease their demented ravings?

You are a grocery store chain, for crying out loud. You sell stuff to people. Who decided that it was part of your remit to enter in to identity politics?

To make a decision, on behalf of your shareholders that alienates and outrages the vast majority of NORMAL people, is quite frankly, irresponsible financial management.

Your hypocrisy was evident with the plastic bag lark – remove free bags and insist that people buy your so called bio degradable bags was bad enough. Then you started promoting PLASTIC toys in your little shop  of horrors as far as I am concerned  seemed lunacy – replace free bags with 15 cent purchasable bags and then flog your plastic grocery cart items? Seriously?

Sorry Coles. Your halal meat is crap. Your treatment of our primary producers has been extortionate and now you are bowing and kow towing to the mindless idiots who think that the sky is falling?

Good luck with that.

As Douglas Adams said, so long and thanks for all the fish.  I wouldn’t buy your imported Thai crap anyway so better to bid you goodbye and call it a day.

I am going to have to leave it there – I have to listen to Alan Jones on 2 GB.

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