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No matter which way you shake it, Novak won today.
Whoever " wins " the Australian Open is only ever going to be a loser. 
 Australian Tennis just lost The Australian Open. The Australian government just lost the election. The Australian economy just lost the tourism industry. The Australian Nation lost its reputation and most importantly, Australia as a Nation. lost its way.

 I have long been a great believer in turning a disadvantage into an advantage. 

So how can we, as Australians, turn this into a positive? Very simply. 

Novak Djokovic did us a favour today. He showed us how toxic and oppressive our government is. How wicked and nasty so many of our fellow citizens have become. 

He will leave Australia as a martyr to the millions who do not believe in masks, mandates and moronic meglomaniacs. He exposed Australia for what it is: a nation ruled by governments, federal and state, who have dropped the ball on virtually every other facet of society in order to make covid the ONLY issue that people should care about.

Our health system is dismal; our elderly are treated as prisoners; our children are treated as pin cushions for experimental medication and our workforce has been blackmailed and coerced into injecting poison into their bodies so that they can keep their jobs and feed their families.


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Our supermarket shelves are emptying and our governments are celebrating the deportation of a man who promotes health and wellbeing and inspires young people. 


If the nincompoops who celebrate the " win " for the courts today in ridding Australia of Novak actually had a brain, they would see what they lost today. They lost any semblance of thinking that our upcoming, largely cancelled Australia Day has any significance in 2022. 

Australia did indeed lose its soul. It did lose its way and it did it with the eyes of the world upon it.

Well done Australia. And thank you Novak for highlighting the farce that is our country. Thank you for showing the world what we put up with every day.

Thank you for letting people everywhere know what a horrible place Australia has become.

To those of you who say " well, you gave up your guns and you voted for them so live with it " I say to you:

America has guns. They have yet to be the answer to the mess that you currently endure in your nation.

That we voted for them... did you? Seriously? 

We have endured obscene levels of police abuse here. We are at breaking point.  

We are fast becoming intolerant of the overreach of the masked morons who think that they can rule our lives.

 But you don't see this level of anger and frustration if you watch MSM.  But we are feeling it. We are angry. And we are not giving up. 

If you think that the Australian people back the government, you are wrong. Unless you live in some leafy lefty vegan vacuum in some central city sewer, you don't know what real Australians think or feel.

We actually applaud Novak. 

We despise our government. We despise our police. Something I never thought I would say. 

Novak Djovovic leaves us with his integrity intact. His sense of right and wrong is intact. He still hasn't succumbed to the clot shot and he has good cause to hold his head high as the man who potentially saved Australia's soul.

How does that work out?  He showed how nonsensical and foolish this covid crap has become. 

That a man standing at the end of a tennis court is a danger to our society.

Give me a break. 


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