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As I explained in my article a few days ago, Novak had the audacity to enter into a  debate over a very financially lucrative deal in Serbia for Rio Tinto and no doubt it was game set and match the moment he dared to speak out against an Australian mining giant like Rio Tinto. 

He served a big dose of f##k you to Australia in December by backing his own country and joining the volley of voices that dared to play hard ball with Rio Tinto. Whether it is coincidence or not, Scott Morrison's Chief of Staff is John Kunkel. Before joining Scott Morrison’s office,  Dr John Kunkel served as the former head of government relations at Rio Tinto and the former deputy chief executive of the Minerals Council of Australia.

 As my earlier article stated, Rio Tinto was all set to open a lithium mine in Serbia and Novak Djokovic was very outspoken in his condemnation of this in what is a valuable agricultural area of his home country Serbia.


Due to the public outcry, the deal looks set to be canned. Jadar ( the mine ) is/was set to produce 58,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate by 2029, which would make Rio Tinto one of the top 10 lithium producers in the world.




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Back to Dr John Kunkel.

With a PHD in economics, Kunkel is a master of election policy development. Under the Howard Government he worked in the secretive Cabinet Policy Unit, reviewing and crafting policies designed to resonate with the Coalition's base.

Following the fall of the Howard Government, Kunkel worked as an economic consultant before joining the Minerals Council of Australia as Deputy CEO.

After more than six years with the MCA, Kunkel joined the corporate ranks of mining giant Rio Tinto, as head of Government Relations.

In 2018 he joined Morrison's government as Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Australia. source: https://www.advoc8.co/blog/introducing-the-new-prime-minister-s-chief-of-staff

Nothing to see here folks. 




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