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Just over 50 years ago a TV program held my interest like no other.    “Why is it so?”   His own science-based TV series which was filmed at the University of Sydney where he taught, was broadcast from 1963 to 1986 and became an instant hit known for its "cool experiments, interesting science, and fantastic hair" … the presenter was Professor Julius Sumner Miller, who has been a huge positive influence in the lives of many young people.

As well as the cool experiments, some of his sayings were, and still are, excellent advice … “ Whatever work you undertake to do in your lifetime, it is very important that first you have a passion for it - you know, get excited about it - and second, that you have fun with it. That's important. Otherwise, you see, your work becomes nothing but an idle chore. Then, you hate the life you live.”

Having a weakness for chocolate, this also was a significant plus …  During the 1980s, Miller appeared in a famous series of Australian television commercials for Cadbury chocolate, using his stock phrase "Why is it so?", demonstrating a simple scientific principle, and describing how each block of chocolate "embraces substantial nourishment and enjoyment," and contained "a glass and a half of full-cream dairy milk." The ads were sufficiently popular to be played for some years after his death.


Ever since those days I have found myself, when faced with a new and often puzzling situation, seeking an answer to that simple question, why is it so? It may be an unusual statement or strange action for which there seems no sensible reason, and finding the answer often exposes unexpected educational results. Decisions currently being made by governments in an attempt to deal with the Covid19 debacle are a case in point … some are handling it well and achieving good results, others not so.


Pretty well everyone is fed up with seemingly pointless and useless restrictions which vary from state to state and are often changed for no good reason.



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Wearing of masks, condemned in many quarters by experts who say they are not only useless but also detrimental to health, yet their use is mandated by other experts and significant financial penalties imposed for non-compliance … the Prime Minister assures us that the vaccines are NOT mandatory, and legal advice is that it is illegal for an employer to make vaccination a requirement for continuation of employment, but people not wishing to receive the injection are resigning in droves because of this threat, and the loss of valuable trained staff is causing many problems.

 Yet so many therapies exist. It is a shame we cannot accept the simple therapies. 


I know that saying that the current economy destroying kerfuffle, over an illness that in over 95% of cases is a comparatively minor event, is completely unnecessary, and is kept happily rolling along due to the efforts of a Main Stream Media, such a statement will bring on a howling tsunami of indignant protest. As I write, the Herald Sun has a breathless headline "AM Edition: Victoria smashes daily record: 51,356 Covid cases "... enough to scare the tripe out of the general public and ensure that they stay indoors? Any sign of a follow up paragraph telling us how many recovered? Or what alternative inexpensive, good result guaranteed, hugely successful treatment used overseas will be offered to these people? Oh, you mean the treatment banned by our "experts"? Yes that is a bit of a problem.

Being accused of over simplification is inevitable, but ignoring the incontrovertible success of methods used overseas, and banning HCQ and Ivermectin would appear to be a criminal act.

We are continually assured that the vaccines are effective, and safe. Neither appears true, as they do not prevent being infected or of passing it on, and increasing numbers of adverse effect reports continue to be documented. The number of long term adverse reports will not be known for months or even years, and are expected to be significant.

Unbelievable havoc has been wrought on the economy of many countries, businesses have been smashed by lockdowns, individual personal finances have been destroyed, but many sectors have been exempted from the damage, and vaccine manufacturers and those administering them have been protected from any legal action.

The public are confused and very angry at the state developments have reached, and a strong leader is needed who can clearly see and understand the problem, then proceed to put in place essential corrective measures many of which will be drastic and possibly unpopular but are nevertheless essential if the country is to survive.

We want to know why is it so? 


 You can listen to Malcolm reading this article by playing the video below. 


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